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How to Qualify for the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit


Uncle Sam wants to reward you for going green with a residential renewable energy tax credit. You can earn this credit by making qualified energy efficient-related improvements to your home—like installing new insulation or a solar heating and cooling system—thanks to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. How to Be Eligible for the […]

Utilize The Suns Rays To Cut Your Power Bill

Lennox SunSource – Cool New Energy System A new solar-powered central heating and cooling system which reduces household electricity consumption without the usual expense of traditional solar installations has been unveiled at the International Builder’s Show in Las Vegas. The new SunSource Home Energy System from Lennox Industries harnesses solar power to reduce the energy […]

Solar Heating Panels Explained

If you look at a modern home today you will see that there is a lot of energy needed. All this energy is needed to keep your house warm and use all the electric equipment or just to shower with warm water. The modern home needs and uses lots of energy and the costs are […]

Take Advantage of Modern Solar Heating Systems

It is no secret anymore that there is need for alternatives for traditional fossil energy sources. The costs for consumers are rising and with the increasing demand for energy the power plants can hardly keep up. A good alternative is the use of solar energy. Through the years and with extensive research it has become one […]