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Home Air Conditioner


Air conditioning is vital for a comfortable home, especially now that Pacific Northwest summers are getting hotter and lasting longer.

As part of our quality HVAC services, AAA Heating & Cooling carries several dependable, efficient home air conditioners suited for every type of household. Our home air conditioner installers are uniquely qualified to ensure you and your family are comfortable at home, even during the peak of summer.


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Home Air Conditioning Service You Can Count On

We have been providing home air conditioning service to clients in the Portland area for over 60 years! For quality home air conditioner installation by professional installers, look to the AAA Heating & Cooling experts. 

Our highly-trained, NATE-certified technicians are masters of their craft and continually evaluated for HVAC installation proficiency and maintenance knowledge and skills.

Home Air Conditioning Systems We Offer

We proudly offer warranty backed Daikin home air conditioner units, including:

  • Daikin DX20VC Split System Residential Air Conditioners
    with sound blankets, variable-speed compressors, and algorithmic logic
  • Daikin DX18TC and DX16TC Split System Residential Air Conditioners
    with sound blankets, ComfortNet™ communication, and R-410A chlorine-free refrigerant
  • Daikin DX16SA and DX14SA Split System Residential Air Conditioners
    with chlorine-free refrigerant, CoreSense™ technology, and high-efficiency Copeland scroll compressors
  • Daikin DX14SN Split System Residential Air Conditioners
    with energy-efficient compressors, ground lug connections, filter driers, and easy-access gauge ports

Reliable Home Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

Even the most reliable home AC systems require routine maintenance

Without regular service from a trained HVAC technician, a residential air conditioning unit will lose about five percent of its original efficiency after each year of operation. 

The good news is that most of this lost efficiency can be recovered or prevented with regular maintenance. Regular tune-ups allow an air conditioning unit to maintain up to 95 percent of its original effectiveness for several years. 

Annual maintenance pays for itself by minimizing your monthly energy and electrical costs. Our expert repair team and Planned Service Program provide our residential clients with peace of mind regarding all their heating and cooling needs. 

Home Air Conditioning Installation You Can Trust

If you need of a new AC unit, the knowledgeable advisors at AAA Heating & Cooling will help you make an informed decision on the best AC unit for your home. We’ll carefully assess the size of your space, shading around your house, and other unique household needs to provide our expert advice.

AC Unit Installation Sizing

We offer professional, streamlined installation services by expert HVAC installers. AAA Heating and Cooling proudly serves the Portland metropolitan area with locations in Portland and Beaverton. Contact us today to learn more about our residential air conditioning units and services.


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Our Residential AC Top 3 Check-List

The AAA Heating & Cooling experts will address these three things to achieve climate control and optimum cooled indoor air.


Our top-of-the-line residential cooling solutions provide customizable temperature settings that will help you reduce home energy costs. Your home’s temperature will be ideal for your family as you share summer meals and entertain guests.


Summer air is more humid than winter air. AAA Heating and Cooling can assist you with cooling your indoor air to a comfortable temperature while minimizing humidity levels.

In-Air Particulates

An air conditioning unit can help remove allergens and particulates from the air in your home, but it must be cleaned and maintained regularly to keep them from recirculating. AAA uses the indoor air quality monitoring system from AirAdvice to generate clear reports on residential indoor air quality.


Home Air Conditioning Service FAQ


How Often Should I Change My AC Air Filters?

We recommend replacing your air filter every 30-60 days if you use disposable filters and cleaning every 30-60 days if you use a permanent filter.

Should I Buy the Biggest Air Conditioning Unit I Can Afford?

Bigger is not always better. 

Purchasing an air conditioning unit that is too large could lead to higher humidity levels in the home and cause more wear on your system as it would be starting and stopping more often. Choosing a unit that is just the right size for your space is the best way to go.

How Often Should I Schedule Home Air Conditioning Service?

We recommend an annual service for your home air conditioner to ensure it’s running smoothly and efficiently. 

We also offer a Planned Service Program. Call today and find out how you can put your home air conditioning service on autopilot and have peace of mind knowing your equipment is in good hands. 

Do I Need To Clean My AC Condenser Coils?

When preparing to use your home air conditioner for the warmer season, we recommend a little Spring Cleaning. Ensure the area around your HVAC is clear of debris, and gently rinse dirt and debris from your AC unit’s condenser coils using a garden hose.

When Should I Buy a New Air Conditioner?

When you regularly spend quite a bit to keep your home air conditioning system running, it may be time to consider a new unit. Repair costs for an AC unit running well beyond its typical lifespan can add up quickly.

If you plan to purchase a new unit, we recommend you do so before the heat of the summer sets in to ensure maximum comfort all season.

The skilled advisors at AAA Heating and Cooling are happy to share their knowledge and help you decide if repair or replacement is your best option.


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