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Commercial Air Quality Solutions


Indoor air quality (IAQ) relates to the quality of air in a building and how it affects the health and comfort of its occupants. Factors such as gases, microbial contaminants, and particulates affect commercial indoor air quality. 

Various government agencies have issued standards regarding creating and maintaining healthy IAQ levels to promote a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment. Failure to comply with standards set by state and federal agencies could result not just in fines, but also in productivity losses and health problems.

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Commercial Air Quality Services

AAA Heating & Cooling helps make sure the air quality remains healthy and compliant in your Portland-area building with services such as:

  • Air quality evaluations: A specialist measures air quality levels and makes recommendations. Evaluations often include building walkthroughs, air handler and air distribution system inspections, and spot measurements.
  • Installation services: Our IAQ experts support your needs with efficient clean-air technology solutions. Because we’re committed to your building’s health, we also offer monitoring solutions that help ensure compliance.
  • Custom solutions: Your business is unique. Your needs might be too. Our experienced engineers gladly offer custom solutions for even the toughest IAQ challenges.

Commercial Air Quality Repair & Maintenance

After installing commercial indoor air quality solutions, it’s important to maintain the equipment regularly and keep it in good repair. Benefits of equipment upkeep include:



      • Maintain a healthy indoor IAQ
      • Promoting worker health and productivity
      • Reducing repair costs by finding and fixing small problems before they turn into expensive repairs
      • Maintaining the warranty on newer equipment
      • Reducing unnecessary wear and tear on equipment and promoting its longevity
      • Maintaining the efficiency of the systems and saving on energy
      • Reducing odors related to poor IAQ


If your building has IAQ problems, you might notice its occupants feel ill with flu- or allergy-like symptoms while inside. The symptoms then go away shortly after leaving the building. 

If you’re experiencing issues with your commercial air quality, we recommend consulting our troubleshooting tips to help. If, after troubleshooting, you’re still experiencing air quality issues, the highly-trained technicians at AAA Heating & Cooling can evaluate and find the source of the problem.


Commercial Air Quality Components


Commercial Humidity Control

Dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from the air and help prevent mold growth. 

Humidifiers help by:

  • Reducing the spread of germs
  • Making arid conditions feel more comfortable
  • Protecting equipment and office supplies from becoming brittle

Commercial Air Filtration

High-efficiency air filters improve IAQ by trapping airborne particulates as small as 1.0 microns.

Ventilation Equipment

Ventilation systems replace indoor air with fresh outdoor air, helping to control the exposure to contaminants—including gases—that are airborne. 

They also assist with maintaining temperatures and relative humidity levels and may be designed to move a certain amount of air at a specific speed.

Monitoring Equipment 

Air monitoring instruments gauge:

  •  temperatures
  • humidity levels
  • airborne particles
  • carbon dioxide
  • carbon monoxide levels
  • outdoor air calculations

They help ensure occupant comfort and a healthy IAQ.


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Our Commercial Air Quality Promise

Enclosed buildings have the potential to have higher levels of pollution than the air outside. You can prevent this from happening in your production environment with commercial air quality solutions from AAA Heating & Cooling. 

Talk to a specialist today about how we can promote a healthy environment in your Portland or Beaverton area commercial building.


Commercial Air Quality FAQ


How Can You Determine if There’s an IAQ Issue in Your Commercial Property?

Commercial indoor air quality issues can present as musty odors or feeling hot and stuffy. You can also experience symptoms of illness like headaches, cough, breathing difficulties, or more that are usually relieved when you leave the area.

If you experience issues such as these, it’s important to address your air quality issues quickly. The experts at AAA Heating & Cooling can help.

What Are the Main Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Some of the most common causes of poor indoor air quality are:

  • Gases or particulate matter being released into the air
  • Inadequate ventilation
  • High temperatures
  • High humidity levels

What Can I Do to Promote Good Commercial Air Quality?

If you’re looking to improve the air quality of your commercial property, here are a few solutions:

  • Find and remove (or reduce) any sources of indoor pollution
  • Find out how you can improve the ventilation in your space
  • Invest in air cleaners 


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