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Utilize The Suns Rays To Cut Your Power Bill

Lennox SunSource – Cool New Energy System A new solar-powered central heating and cooling system which reduces household electricity consumption without the usual expense of traditional solar installations has been unveiled at the International Builder’s Show in Las Vegas.

The new SunSource Home Energy System from Lennox Industries harnesses solar power to reduce the energy used by a residential heat pump or air conditioner, and operate other devices in the home, like lighting and electrical appliances, when the heating and cooling system is not being used.

What’s more, if the system generates more power than the home uses, it can be sent back to the utility company, potentially entitling the homeowner to money off their electricity bill.

“Lennox is the first heating and air-conditioning manufacturer to use solar energy for central heating, cooling and beyond,” says the firm’s Vice President for Product Management, John Hurst.

The SunSource Home Energy System includes:

  • A solar-ready, high efficiency Lennox air conditioner or heat pump
  • A Lennox solar subpanel
  • One to 15 roof-mounted solar modules which harness clean, sustainable energy from the sun and use it to run the home’s central heating and cooling systems as well as other appliances
  • A communications system allowing homeowners to assess each solar module’s operation and energy production online, as well as other environmental benefits such as the amount of carbon offset Hurst adds: “Our most efficient air conditioners and heat pumps will automatically come ‘solar ready.’ Consumers who buy these systems will have the option to integrate a solar package at installation or later on. And because the system is expandable, homeowners can start small with a couple of solar modules and add more in the future, for a total of up to 15 solar modules per outdoor unit and added energy savings.”

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