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Commercial Furnaces Services, Repair & Installation

At AAA Heating & Cooling, we offer repair and maintenance services for commercial heating units in Portland. We’re here to help with any malfunctions and routine service checks you need for your commercial furnace. In addition, we can help with installation or design of a new furnace system.

Common Commercial Heating Problems

The durable commercial furnaces and HVAC systems from AAA Heating & Cooling are designed to provide reliable climate control for businesses. However, some commercial heating units will become less dependable over time. Common commercial furnace repair problems may include a heating unit that won’t turn on, less efficient heating, lack of warm air, poor indoor air quality, strange noises coming from the unit or ducts, unusually high heating bills, or unresponsiveness from the thermostat control panel.

Troubleshooting Commercial Furnaces

If your furnace won’t start:

  • Check if it is plugged in and connected to a power supply
  • Make sure the power switch is on
  • Check the circuit breakers to see if they are on or need to be reset
  • See if the programmable thermostat is functioning properly and has working batteries
  • Make sure the pilot light is on and relight it, if needed

If your furnace is on but is not generating warm air:

  • Check if the air filter needs to be replaced
  • See if all vents and ductwork are free from obstructions that may block airflow
  • Make sure the belt connecting the motor to the blower is attached

When to Call an ExpertAAA-Prevention-Care-for-Commercial-Heating

If the heating bills for your business are suddenly unusually high, it’s a good idea to schedule maintenance for your furnace. AAA will clean, tighten, adjust and lubricate all the necessary components of your commercial heating unit. This will improve efficiency and lower your heating bills.

You may notice a faint burning smell when your furnace turns on for the first time in the fall, which is normal. However, any rotten or electrical burning odors should not be ignored. In either case, you’ll want to schedule an air duct cleaning or electrical repair with an HVAC expert.

If you notice that the air quality is declining in your commercial space, or you don’t feel a steady stream of air when the furnace is on, it’s a good idea to call an expert for a filter change.

Prevention & Care for Commercial Heating Units

The best way to prevent malfunctions with your commercial heating unit is with regular maintenance. Yearly one-time maintenance is recommended for professional HVAC service on commercial furnaces. In addition, installing a programmable thermostat that will turn off at night will allow you to avoid high heating bills. Lastly, make sure all heating vents are not obstructed by rugs or furniture. This will improve airflow in your commercial space.

At AAA Heating & Cooling, we are prepared to install, service and troubleshoot any commercial HVAC system in the Portland metropolitan areas. We are licensed, insured and ready to get the job done. For more information on repairs and maintenance for commercial heating units, contact us today!