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Residential Duct Cleaning

AAA Heating & Cooling offers duct cleaning and maintenance services for residential HVAC systems in the Portland metropolitan area. Our services include routine cleaning and checks of the ductwork in your home. We can also advise homeowners on installing new air ducts. The air quality technicians at AAA Heating & Cooling are fully equipped to meet your residential air quality needs. We are certified and trained by NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) and focused on exceeding the expectations of our customers with each and every HVAC project.

Residential Duct Cleaning Proceduresnadca_trained_certified

Residential duct cleaning should be administered once every three to five years, but each home and family will have different needs. Some homeowners prioritize more frequent duct cleaning because they may have pets that shed hair and dander, smokers living their household, or family members with allergies or asthma. Duct cleaning should be done after any home renovation or remodel and prior to occupying a new home.

When AAA Heating & Cooling cleans residential ducts:

  1. First, we’ll hook up an 8-inch hose and pipe combination to the plenum (where the ducts connect to your furnace). The hose is connected to our Sani-Vac trucks with large bags that inflate on top of the truck.
  2. Next, we’ll cover all the registers in your home, engaging our Sani-Vac system, which will create a negative pressure. Suction in the ductwork will begin to pull out all debris and deposit it directly into our trucks.
  3. We will service each register using 180 to 200 pounds of compressed air, and blow all debris from the register ends back through your ductwork and directly into our trucks. This process flushes out each vent.
  4. Using a “skipper hose” with the same compressed air, we will break up dust, dirt, and debris clumps that may be attached to the walls of your ducts.
  5. An air quality technician will finish up by focusing on cleaning your HVAC fan, fan compartment, heat exchanger, exhaust vent pipe, and air conditioner coils, if accessible.

Common Residential Duct Issues

At AAA Heating & Cooling, we know how important it is to keep your home’s HVAC system running efficiently. A malfunctioning heating and cooling unit could be the result of a variety of different problems. However, air ducts are a common culprit. The following common duct issues could be interfering with airflow in your home.


  • Poorly installed ductwork may cause a faulty connection, which will make it difficult for air to circulate throughout your home.
  • If your ducts are insufficiently insulated, your HVAC unit will have to work extra hard to heat and cool your residential space.
  • Some residential ductwork is prone to dents, kinks, or other damage ,which can interfere with airflow.
  • Uncleaned ducts will cause dirt, dust, debris, bacteria, mold, and pollutants to build up which will obstruct airflow and lead to poor indoor air quality.




When to Call an Expert

If your residential heating and cooling system is not functioning properly and you suspect any of the above duct issues, it’s a good time to schedule a maintenance check and duct cleaning. Our certified air systems cleaning specialists (ASCS) and indoor air quality (IAQ) professionals will clean your ducts and get your residential HVAC system up and running in no time. The expert air quality team at AAA Heating & Cooling has over 75 years of HVAC and indoor air quality experience.

Research by the EPA has shown that professional duct cleaning may allow residential HVAC systems to run more efficiently by removing debris from sensitive mechanical components. Clean, efficient systems are less likely to break down, have a longer lifespan, and generally operate more effectively than dirty heating and cooling systems.

According to the EPA (U.S Environmental Protection Agency), it’s a good idea to have the air ducts in your home professionally cleaned if:

  • There is substantial mold growth inside your ducts or on other components of your HVAC system
  • Your ducts are infested with rodents or insects
  • Your ducts are clogged with dust or debris
  • Visible particles are being released from your vents into the air of your home

What Happens Before Residential Duct Cleaning

The first step in residential duct cleaning is a home visit from a member of the AAA Heating & Cooling team. During this complimentary initial visit, we will perform an onsite survey by inspecting your ductwork and HVAC system. Our highly-trained service advisors will discuss your needs and concerns with you and go over how the residential duct cleaning procedure will work.

Before beginning a residential duct cleaning project, we provide homeowners with a clear blueprint of the process as well as a checklist, proposal, and price breakdown detailing what will be accomplished. Our bids contain no surprises. When our duct cleaning crew arrives at your home, they will have the same checklist and proposal provided to you and will be glad to show you each step as it is being completed.

What You Can Expect from AAA Heating & Cooling Residential Duct Cleaning

Our air quality technicians will need to access all areas of your home. The process can take a full day to complete and cannot be done on the same day as any other HVAC or renovation project. You’ll want to plan ahead for residential duct cleaning. The cleaning process is complex, and could affect your household’s normal routine.

Prevention & Care for Residential Ducts

Properly installed air ducts should generate sufficient airflow throughout your home for a long time. However, it’s still important to get them cleaned on a regular basis in order to prevent poor air quality and obstructed airflow. Our residential HVAC team is the premier duct remediation resource in Portland.

AAA Heating & Cooling has the knowledge and expertise to get any residential duct cleaning job done. Our skilled technicians continually work on their HVAC education and update their safety training per NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) standards. We take pride in our residential air quality and respiratory program. Clean air ducts will remove contaminants from the air in your home, improve airflow, increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, and reduce the risk of fires.

If you’re experiencing air quality or climate control issues in your Portland home, call AAA Heating & Cooling at (503) 284-2173 or schedule an appointment online.