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The Ultimate Guide to Energy-Efficient Heating & Cooling in Portland


Are you a Portland business owner looking to manage energy expenses or a homeowner hoping to reduce residential heating and air conditioning costs? You might not know that an energy-efficient HVAC system is essential to keep utility charges in check.  Our heating and cooling services in Portland have compiled all you need to know. Read […]

What Should I Set My Thermostat to in the Winter?


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates the average households spend about $1,100 annually on heating and cooling costs. By pairing annual HVAC maintenance with a programmable thermostat, you’ll lower your energy costs and feel cozy despite winter temperatures. The thermostat is great for individuals who are away from their homes for set periods, as well […]

How to Save on Heating Costs in an Apartment


When you rent, it isn’t always possible to make significant changes to the HVAC system in your home to improve its efficiency. Rather than bust your budget on heating bills, try some time-tested tricks that keep home and wallet comfortable. Download our step-by-step checklist for improving the heating costs in your apartments!    7 Tips […]

Is Gas or Electric Heat Better?


You noticed the signs of trouble—uneven temperatures, breakdowns, heating costs on an upward curve, old age—it’s time for a new heating system. As you shop around, you’ll have to make important decisions about what you want in a heating system, such as the type of energy you’d like to use: gas heat or electric heat. […]

5 Energy and Cost Advantages of Ductless Heating & Cooling


Ductless heat pumps are a triple threat in their ability to heat your Portland home, cool the air and control humidity. Thanks to the relatively mild temperatures that the Portland area receives, energy efficient heat pumps are a great option for those who want to add an HVAC system to their home or wish to […]

What Your AC SEER Rating Actually Means


When an HVAC unit works efficiently, it will consume less energy while making your home feel comfortable. A factor that helps you determine an air conditioner’s efficiency is its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. Understanding what this rating means for you before an AC installation will help you make an informed decision about the […]