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Home Heating Tips to Help You Give Your Furnace a Break


Heating your home during the winter accounts for nearly 20 percent of the energy that you use. Depending on your home’s building envelop, as well as your heating practices, the amount of energy that your furnace consumes could be greater. By making simple changes to your home and habits, you’ll shrink your home heating bills […]

Debunking Air Conditioning Myths


The Truth about Air Conditioners and Home Comfort Myth: Fans keep a room cooler. Fans move air in a room, creating a wind-chill effect, but do not affect the air temperature. When the wind from a fan hits your warm skin, heat transfers from your body to the air. Fans also help sweat evaporates at […]

5 Ways to Reduce Allergens in Your Home


From pollen to dust to mold—allergens hide in unexpected places and produce aggravating symptoms. Air quality control is essential to reducing allergens in your home and ensuring that it’s a safe, healthy place for your family. Fortunately, maintaining good air quality it is simple with some practical solutions. Improve Air Quality Control and Banish Allergens […]

Duct Cleaning to Improve Your Home and Health [Infographic]

When you think of pollution, you probably think of smoggy city air, not the air in your home. In fact, 87% of American homeowners don’t know that pollution may be worse in their homes than outside. Fortunately, professional duct cleaning helps rid the air of dirt and pollen, making it a much healthier environment. Find […]

Importance of the Pre-Filter for Air Purification

When talking about air purifiers we generally focus on ionic air purifiers, HEPA air purifiers or possibly even the more controversial ozone air purifiers. These represent the basic technology behind air purifiers and are critical to air purification, but protecting your air purifier with a pre-filter will ensure that your air purification system is efficient and cost-effective. No matter how advanced an air purifier is, it needs to have a […]