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5 Energy and Cost Advantages of Ductless Heating & Cooling


Ductless heat pumps are a triple threat in their ability to heat your Portland home, cool the air and control humidity. Thanks to the relatively mild temperatures that the Portland area receives, energy efficient heat pumps are a great option for those who want to add an HVAC system to their home or wish to […]

How to Pick Between Central A/C and Ductless Air Conditioning


While temperatures in the Pacific Northwest are generally mild throughout the year, there are days in which the heat seems unbearable. Installing a new A/C is a step in the right direction toward achieving total home comfort. As you research your options, you’ll find that ductless air conditioning and central air conditioning systems are among […]

Ductless Heat pump Portland

Using heat pumps with inverter technology for air conditioning offers a cool new way to beat the heat   Using heat pumps for air conditioning is a system that’s been around for decades, but new inverter technology is starting to creep into the local market, according to a local heating and cooling expert. “Inverter technology […]

Staying warm with a ductless heat pump.

HOW THE REST OF THE WORLD STAYS WARM It’s starting to get cooler out, especially in the mornings and at night, and your thoughts may be turning to the pleasures of Autumn: colorful trees, sweaters, and hot mugs of cider. Of course, you may also be dwelling on some less pleasant thoughts… namely, turning on […]

How Ductless Heat Pumps Can Solve Problems in Older Homes

Oftentimes, older homes suffer seasonal comfort and energy efficiency issues. The majority of homes built between 1900 and 1940 used the same simple structure: basement, main floor, and top floor(s). The basement furnaces in these homes were typically powered by coal, oil, sawdust, or even wood. Oftentimes, older homes’ air distribution systems were minimal–some employ […]