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How To Choose the Right HVAC Contractor: 9 Necessary Tips and Tricks


Published July 22, 2024 by Tony Spezza   Waking up in the middle of the night to chills or sweats is never fun, especially since you just spent all that money installing, repairing, or maintaining your energy-efficient HVAC unit. So what gives? While the efficiency of your HVAC unit is integral to the comfort of […]

Don’t Melt in the Heat: How To Keep a House Cool in the Summer


Published May 20, 2024 by Tony Spezza   Imagine the continual rumble of a nightstand fan at night, your clothes sticking to the sweat on your skin at all times of the day, and making excuses to get out of your home to run errands where you know the AC will work (and you don’t […]

DIY Guide To Installing a Mini-Split System

Published April 12, 2024 by Tony Spezza   Your HVAC system is on the fritz — it’s loud, it only works some of the time, and it doesn’t service your entire house. With so many systems to choose from, upgrading your HVAC is a big decision, but you think installing a mini-split system will solve […]

How To Clean AC Coils: Maintaining Your Air Conditioner Coils for Optimal Comfort and Efficiency

Published April 12, 2024 by Tony Spezza   Dust. Grime. Debris.  These silent invaders lurk within the coils of your air conditioning system, choking its efficiency and compromising your comfort.  Whether your AC unit struggles to beat the summer heat or you simply want to ensure it doesn’t become clogged and overburdened, keeping your unit […]

Spring AC Maintenance: Why It’s Important and Steps To Complete It


Published March 25, 2024 by Tony Spezza   The trees in Waterfront Park are exploding in bloom, the Saturday Market is abuzz, and the Rose Festival will be here before you know it. Spring has sprung, and air conditioner season is right around the corner.  Is your air conditioner up to the task of keeping […]

Breathe Easier: Answering FAQs About Cleaning Air Ducts and the Benefits of Improved Indoor Air Quality


Published March 25, 2024 by Tony Spezza   It’s the middle of the summer, and you’ve cranked up your AC. However, when your energy bill arrives, you’re met with surprise — it’s significantly higher than in previous years, leaving you to wonder what could be driving up the costs.  Could it be your trusty AC […]

HVAC Warranty: Does Your Home Warranty Cover HVAC?


Published February 26, 2024 by Tony Spezza   The time has come — your house needs a new heating and cooling system. With such a large investment, you want to be sure you’re paying attention to the HVAC warranty just as much as you are to the cost of the systems and their different features.  […]

What Are The Main Components of Residential Ductwork?


Homeowners rely on their residential HVAC system to keep their indoor air climate at the perfect temperature. However, many don’t know much about the role ductwork plays in maintaining a home’s air climate. 5 Core Parts of HVAC Duct Systems There are several components crucial to your home’s ductwork. Knowing some of the inner workings […]

What is a Packaged Commercial Gas/Electric Rooftop Unit?


Are you looking for commercial HVAC solutions for your Portland business or property that save on interior space? A packaged gas/electric rooftop system offers significant heating and cooling benefits and takes up less space than other types of units. Curious to learn how these powerful systems might work for your business? Our commercial Portland HVAC […]

How Can Homeowners Benefit from Installing Central Air?


Sometimes box fans in windows don’t bring the relief that you seek on the hottest days. With the latest summers continuing to break temperature-related records, central air conditioning will bring you the ultimate in comfort, efficiency, and savings. By knowing how central A/Cs work and the benefits that you’ll enjoy, you’ll be better able to […]