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Commercial Control Systems – Service and Repair

Commercial thermostats are the command centers for a building’s HVAC system. Whenconditions are less than optimal because of thermostats problems, productivity slowsand morale decreases. By knowing how to troubleshoot common problems and when to call for expert help, your commercial HVAC system will remain more reliable and efficient.

Common Problems in Commercial Control Systems

  • Short-cycling HVAC: The HVAC system continuously runs or frequently goes through its on-off cycles.aaa_van_small3
  • Lack of maintenance: Forgetting to clean and inspect the thermostat regularly can lead to neglect-related problems.
  • Uncomfortable temperatures: The temperature inside doesn’t match the temperature displayed on the thermostat.
  • HVAC system stops working: The heating and cooling system stops and the thermostat’s display is blank.
  • Incompatible parts: The thermostat isn’t compatible with the HVAC system.
  • Bad thermostat placement: Thermostats in direct sunlight or near heat sources think ambient temperatures are warmer than they really are.

Troubleshooting Programmable Commercial Thermostats

  • The thermostat doesn’t seem to work correctly: Dust on internal components can lead to uncomfortable temperatures, short-cycling and several comfort-related problems. Take off the thermostat’s cover and use a soft brush or compressed air to gently remove debris.
  • The HVAC system stops or the thermostat’s display is blank: The problem might be a lack of power. Replace the batteries. If the problem persists, check for a blown fuse or tripped breaker.
  • The temperature is never right: If temperatures feel uncomfortable, verify that the thermostat’s temperature reading is correct. First, use a digital thermometer to learn the ambient temperature. If the thermostat’s reading is off by five degrees or more, calibrate it.
  • The room is warm when it’s supposed to be cool (or vice versa): The thermostat might blast warm or cool air at inappropriate hours if the settings have the incorrect date and time.

When to Call an Expert for Your Commercial HVAC Thermostat

  • Corroded or loose wiring: Fixing the wiring in a thermostat is best left to Portland HVAC experts to prevent power interruptions and equipment failures.
  • You’re unsure of system compatibility: Avoid risking a failure of the entire HVAC system by having an expert ensure the thermostat is compatible. If it isn’t, the pro can recommend one that is.
  • Temperature sensor malfunction: If a thermostat isn’t reading temperatures correctly, ask a pro to recommend a new unit as this might be more cost-effective than replacing the part.

Preventive Care for Commercial Control Systems









  • Routine dusting: When dust gets into a thermostat’s components, you’ll experience poor performance and inconsistent temperatures. Include dusting the inside of a thermostat in your building’s janitorial maintenance plan to keep the electronics in top shape.
  • Seasonal calibration: When the weather starts getting cooler, use a room thermometer to see if the reading matches the temperature on the thermostat. Calibrate it if necessary.
  • Annual professional maintenance: One of the best things you can do for your control system is invest in routine maintenance by a licensed expert. Regular checkups help prevent many performance problems and correct issues while they’re still minor.

Since 1961, AAA Heating and Cooling has proudly tended to the HVAC needs of Portland-area businesses. When you face commercial control system problems, you can depend on our trained specialists to restore your building’s comfort levels. Get more details by contacting us today.