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Service, Repair & Installation for Commercial Split Systems

AAA Heating & Cooling offers service, repair, and installation services for commercial split systems in Portland. We provide routine maintenance checks and will troubleshoot and fix any malfunction you may be experiencing with your business’ split system HVAC unit. In addition, we can recommend and install a new split system for your commercial space.

Common Commercial Split System Problems


The reliable commercial split systems from AAA Heating & Cooling are designed to keep commercial spaces climate-controlled for a decade or more. Unfortunately, some commercial HVAC systems will become less dependable over time and may be subject to breaking down. In most instances, commercial split system problems involve a unit that won’t turn on, poor indoor air quality, unreasonably high electric bills, or a unit that is not producing warm or cool air. Some common spit system issues can be easily troubleshooted and remedied without calling an expert, while some malfunctions are best serviced by a pro.

Troubleshooting Commercial Split Systems

If your commercial split system won’t start:

  • Make sure your split HVAC unit is plugged into a power supply
  • Check to see if the power switch on your commercial split system is turned on
  • Verify that the circuit breakers are turned on and reset them, if necessary
  • Make sure your thermostat has working batteries and is functioning properly

If your commercial split system is on but isn’t generating warm or cool air:

  • Check the air filter for dirt and consider replacing the part
  • Ensure all windows in the building are sealed and are not letting warm or cool air in
  • Move computers, monitors, lamps, and other electronics away from the thermostat to prevent it from sensing heat from the appliances
  • Check to make sure desks, tables, plants, or other items are not obstructing the vents and preventing proper air circulation
  • Make sure all shades are closed when the weather is hot so that your commercial split system won’t need to work as hard to cool your business


Prevention & Care for Commercial Split Systems

The most effective way to prevent your commercial HVAC unit from malfunctioning is with regular maintenance. AAA Heating & Cooling recommends service checks on commercial split systems at least once per year. To save on energy and utility costs year-round, program your thermostat to turn off at night, keep windows and blinds closed to block outside heat and cold air from getting into your building, and make sure vents are free from obstruction at all times.

When to Call an Expert

If you are unable to troubleshoot the problem with your commercial split system on your own, give us a call to schedule HVAC service. During a maintenance appointment, a trained technician from the AAA Heating & Cooling team will check, clean, adjust, and tighten every part of your commercial split system and get your unit running smoothly in no time. A properly running HVAC system will also save your business on energy costs.

The expert HVAC team at AAA Heating & Cooling is Portland’s premier resource for service, installation, and repair for commercial heating and cooling units. We are licensed, insured, thoroughly trained, and ready to get the job done. Make an appointment online or call us at (503) 284-2173 to schedule commercial HVAC repair or maintenance today