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Residential Air Conditioning Service, Repair & Installation

Service, Maintenance & Repair

All equipment, even the most reliable, needs routine maintenance. Without regular tune ups, an air conditioner loses about 5% of its original efficiency for each year of operation. The good news is that you can recover most of that lost efficiency through routine maintenance.

The air conditioners of today are complex with many moving parts, which is why they benefit from annual service.  Here are some great reasons to consider regular maintenance on your cooling system:

  • Studies show that with regular tune-ups, a unit will maintain up to 95% of its original efficiency. The cost of an annual tune-up is recovered very quickly in savings on your monthly electric bill and reduced repair costs.
  • An air conditioner is a significant investment; regular maintenance protects that investment.
  • Cooling systems are less likely to suffer a major break down and have a longer lifespan with regular service.
  • Air conditioners can help clean allergens and in-air particulates from your home, but they must be cleaned and maintained regularly to keep the particles from recirculating.
  • AAA Heating and Cooling exclusively uses AirAdvice’s indoor air quality monitoring system. This system provides clear reports on the condition of the air in your home so that we can better meet your air conditioning needs.
  • We offer complete peace-of-mind with our Planned Service Program and Repair Services.


Service Professionals

AAA Heating and Cooling is at the forefront of the HVAC industry and our certified professionals have been serving our customers since 1961. Our team stands behind their work and is committed to excellence. They are completely familiar with the latest industry standards, new technologies, and more. They are fully trained in all the new blends, as well as our industry stand-by, R-22.

With maintenance and repairs, our service professionals will examine your cooling system carefully and offer recommendations for repair or upkeep. Their expertise will be a resource to you each time.

Planned Service for Your Cooling System

Annual service for all HVAC equipment is recommended by our team and by manufacturers as well. Our popular Planned Service Program rewards loyal customers with discounts on pre-paid annual service. The discounts increase the more years enrolled. It’s available for nearly every unit and easily renewable.

Our customers love the perks of the program. It provides complete peace-of-mind, but it also saves you money and helps extend the life of your cooling system. It includes a 10 percent discount on most parts/labor, and priority status in our database.

Air Conditioning Repair

Everyone knows that a broken air conditioner in the summer means uncomfortable days and sleepless nights. For this reason, we created a streamlined process for customers in need of repairs. When the unexpected happens, we can restore comfort to your home quickly.

What You Can Expect When Your Air Conditioner is Repaired or Serviced:

  • Most air conditioners and cooling systems will take a full day to service or repair. We start early and work diligently till the job is done.
  • We strictly adhere to EPA guidelines. We do not release chemicals into the air or surface water, and we follow guidelines for responsible disposal.
  • We follow the standard permitting process with all our work. Everything is done to code and manufacturer recommendations.


Residential Air Conditioning Installation

Whether you are building your dream house or upgrading the equipment in your existing home, AAA Heating & Cooling can help guide you to choosing the ideal cooling system for your needs.

Our Cooling Philosophy

To attain the best cooled indoor air quality, the following three parameters must be addressed:

  • Temperature: AAA cooling solutions are top-of-the-line for optimum temperature settings. That means our customers aren’t faced with outrageously high energy bills. We can keep the temperature of your home ideal for your family as you share summer meals and entertain guests in the longer evenings.
  • Humidity: Summer air is more humid than winter air. We can show you how to cool the air to a comfortable level and at the same time remove humidity from the air in your home.
  • In-Air Particulates: Air conditioners can help clean allergens and particulates from the air in your home, but they must be cleaned and maintained regularly to keep them from recirculating them. We use AirAdvice’s indoor air quality monitoring system exclusively to provide clear reports on the condition of the air in your home.

The purchase of an air conditioner does require some understanding of designs, components, sizing, and operating principles. As with all our HVAC solutions, we are pleased to offer expert advice from a service advisor for anyone adding or upgrading a cooling system in their home. We can help you make an informed decision about what will work best for your family and budget.


Our Service Advisors are at Your Service!

A service advisor is your guide through the purchase and installation process of an air conditioner. Extensively trained in “Home Comfort System” design and application, our advisors stay up-to-speed on all the components of cooling systems and how they work together to provide relief from the summer heat.

Your service advisor will:

  • Visit your home or building, listen to your needs, and assess the space.
  • Advise our team as they custom-design your cooling system.
  • Spend time with you to explain the custom design and its benefits, as well as listen to your feedback!
  • Review the cost of the new cooling system and all available plans for payment, including our financing options. We want the process to be both manageable and cost effective for all our customers.

Air Conditioner Installation

We offer professional, streamlined installation by expert installers. Our highly qualified, NATE-certified technicians are masters in production and prototype work, blueprints, drawings and exact customer specifications for cooling systems. They are continually evaluated as to the proficiency of their HVAC installation and maintenance knowledge and skills.

What You Can Expect with Your Cooling System Installation:

  • Most air conditioners will take a full day to install. We start first thing in the morning, removing any old equipment with care to avoid any messes.
  • We do everything to EPA guidelines. You will not find us releasing anything into the air, cutting lines to bleed them, or leaking natural gas or other substances into your home or the atmosphere. We haul everything and dispose of it properly. Before we finish for the day, we will test the newly-installed system to check the air balance and make sure the airflow is clear and consistent.
  • We follow the standard permitting process with all our installations. We do everything to code and to the manufacturer’s recommendations. City Inspectors are brought in for a short 15-minute inspection on a later date.
  • Our bids are all inclusive. Other companies will bid low because they don’t include installation or permits. They let their customers be surprised by those charges later. With AAA, your bid includes quotes for the air conditioner, installation, and permits in one clear price.