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Annual HVAC Maintenance: A Timeline and Checklist for Every Season


Published February 7, 2024 by Tony Spezza   Maybe you’ve noticed your energy bill is climbing and climbing with each passing year. Maybe you’re constantly adjusting your thermostat more than you normally should. Or your allergies begin to act up in the fall and spring a lot more than they have in the past.  Is […]

HVAC Winter Maintenance: How To Prepare Your HVAC for Winter Temperatures


Published February 7, 2024 by Tony Spezza   The cold temperatures are fast approaching, and as a new homeowner, you want to ensure you’re properly preparing your HVAC for winter to avoid costly damages. Heating and cooling systems require year-round maintenance to keep them operating smoothly and efficiently, including proper HVAC winter maintenance — but […]

Decoding the Meaning Behind HVAC SEER Ratings


Published February 7, 2024 by Tony Spezza   You’re in the market for a new AC and keep hearing the term SEER rating tossed around like common knowledge. You know SEER ratings have something to do with the energy efficiency of an appliance but are unsure of how that factors into your home, budget, and […]

How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work?


Imagine walking in from a long day of outdoor work. Your job requires that no matter the weather, you still work. And after a day of wet and cold temperatures, all you want is a hot shower. Instead of walking in the door, turning on your shower, and then waiting 20 minutes (or more!) for […]

How Do Solar Water Heaters Work?


Having reliable hot water is a priority for homeowners. At AAA Heating and Cooling, we are often asked, “Can you run a water heater on solar power?” The answer is yes! In fact, solar-powered residential water heaters are a great, environmentally-friendly option to keep hot water flowing in your Beaverton home. Types of Solar Water […]