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Residential Renewable Energy

If you’re thinking of updating your residential HVAC system, why not go green? A renewable energy unit can heat and cool your home without depleting its energy source. A green residential HVAC system will keep your household at a comfortable temperature without burning any fuel or emitting greenhouse gases. At AAA Heating & Cooling, we can install a number of different types of renewable energy units that can accommodate the unique needs of your home.

Residential Renewable Energy Units Installed by AAA Heating & Cooling

Renewable energy sources include a range of solar water heaters and geothermal heat pumps and come in a variety of sizes. Green HVAC systems are designed to be efficient, durable, and low-maintenance.  AAA Heating & Cooling is ready to install a renewable HVAC system in your home that will save you money and keep your home at a comfortable temperature year-round.

We can install:

  • Passive solar water heaters that switch to gas or electricity when sunlight is not available and usually have a storage tank on the roof
  • Active solar water heaters that use a small pump for solar collector circulation and do not require a tank on the roof
  • Evacuated tube collection systems that rely on a series of solar-heated vacuum-sealed glass tubes lined up in a panel box
  • Solar-powered attic fans that create a ventilation system in the upper level of your home to keep your whole house cooler
  • Automated solar water heaters that automatically start your water pump when the sun rises and stop it when the sun goes down which prevents heated water loss
  • Geothermal HVAC systems that collect the earth’s heat through underground pipes in the winter and remove cool heat in the summer

Repair & Maintenance for Renewable Energy Units

Most renewable energy units are easy to maintain. However, there is always a chance of malfunction or the need for repair. At AAA Heating & Cooling, we offer maintenance and repair services on residential renewable HVAC systems. We can help with any malfunction or general service for your home’s green energy unit. If you need assistance with repairs, maintenance, or installation, give us a call!


If you’re on the fence about installing a renewable HVAC unit in your home, consider the benefits!

  • Efficient heating and cooling of your home
  • Low utility bills
  • Increased home value
  • Government incentives and tax credits
  • Low chance of malfunction  
  • Eco-friendly

The team at AAA Heating & Cooling can help you determine the best green HVAC system for your Portland home. For more information on residential renewable energy, contact us today!