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Residential Renewable Energy Service, Repair & Installation

AAA Heating & Cooling provides maintenance, repair, and installation services for residential renewable energy units in Portland. We offer routine service checks and can help out with any malfunction your green HVAC system may have. In addition, our team is ready to install a new unit in your home if you’re ready to make the switch from your current gas or electric system.

Common Residential Renewable Energy Problems

Solar energy systems don’t require very many parts in order to run. This makes them less likely to malfunction than gas or electric HVAC units. However, some solar panel systems can have light production or heating issues, which are typically easy to troubleshoot and prevent. The most common problem with geothermal heat pumps is less efficient heating over time.

Troubleshooting Green HVAC Systems

If your residential solar water heater system is having light production issues:


  • Make sure your solar panels are not shaded from direct sunlight
  • See if the battery terminals on your solar collectors need replacing
  • Check for poor wire connections or wires that are too small


If your residential solar water heater is not producing hot water:


  • Check to see if the auxiliary heater or mixing valve is broken
  • Make sure your thermostat has working batteries
  • See if the heating element is connected to a power source


If your residential geothermal heat pump system is not producing heat: 


  • Clean your heat pump and check for insects or weeds growing into it
  • Check the power supply and make sure the heat pump has a mains connection
  • Remove the ducts and clean or replace the air filters
  • Make sure the pump has enough refrigeration liquid and add more, if necessary

When to Call an Expert

If you are unable to troubleshoot the problem with your residential renewable energy unit, it’s a good idea to schedule a maintenance or repair appointment with AAA Heating & Cooling. A knowledgeable HVAC technician from the AAA team will troubleshoot, clean, rewire, and fix all the necessary components of your home’s green energy system and have it up and running in no time. 

Prevention & Care for Residential Renewable Energy

Solar water heaters require very little maintenance. As long as they are expertly installed, solar HVAC units will run automatically and operate efficiently year-round. If you’re thinking of switching to a renewable energy source for your home, AAA Heating & Cooling will install a new unit for you and ensure its proper function.

The most important step for maintaining a geothermal heat pump system is cleaning or changing the filters on a regular basis. This will keep your unit working properly by preventing a buildup of dust and debris on the air coil. In addition, checking the condensate drain once every season will prevent clogging and keep water flowing efficiently.

With both solar water heaters and geothermal heat pumps, it’s a good idea to have an expert look everything over with yearly maintenance checks. For more information on maintaining residential renewable energy systems or to schedule a service appointment at your Portland home, contact us today!