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Commercial Air Conditioning Service, Repair & Installation

At AAA Heating & Cooling, we offer maintenance, repair, and installation services for commercial air conditioning units in Portland. We can administer routine service checks and assist with any malfunction for your business’ air conditioning unit. Additionally, we are prepared to install an updated air conditioner if your unit needs to be replaced or help you design a completely new cooling system for your commercial space. 

Common Commercial Air Conditioning Problems

The commercial air conditioning and HVAC systems offered at AAA Heating & Cooling are designed to dependably cool commercial spaces for many years. However, some commercial cooling units will become less reliable over time and may malfunction once in a while. In most cases, commercial air conditioning repairs involve a unit that won’t turn on, less efficient cooling, lack of cold air exiting the unit, poor indoor air quality, or strange noises coming from the air vents.  

Troubleshooting Commercial Furnaces

If your air conditioning unit won’t start:

  • Check if it is plugged in and connected to a power supply
  • Make sure the power is switched on
  • Make sure the circuit breakers are on and reset them, if necessary
  • Check to see if the programmable thermostat is functioning and has working batteries








If your air conditioning unit is on but is not generating cool air:

  • Check if the air filter is dirty or needs replacing
  • Make sure all windows are closed and sealed so that they don’t let warm air in
  • Move computers, televisions, and lamps away from the thermostat so that it doesn’t sense heat from those appliances
  • Keep shades and curtains down if it’s sunny outside so that your unit doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your commercial space
  • Try vacuuming the registers to remove dust and debris

When to Call an Expert

If you’re unable to troubleshoot the issue with your commercial air conditioner, it’s a good idea to schedule a maintenance or repair appointment. During the appointment, a trained HVAC technician from the AAA team will clean, tighten, and adjust all the necessary components of your commercial air conditioning unit. This will get your air conditioner running smoothly and decrease electric bills for your business.

Prevention & Care for Commercial Air Conditioning Units

The best way to prevent your commercial air conditioning system from malfunctioning is with routine maintenance. At AAA Heating & Cooling, we recommend HVAC service on commercial cooling units at least once per year. Additionally, programming your thermostat to turn off at night will help you avoid high electric bills and reduce overhead. Finally, make sure all cooling vents are not obstructed by rugs, furniture, or low-hanging curtains. This will improve airflow and efficient cooling in your commercial space.

AAA Heating & Cooling is prepared to install, troubleshoot, and repair any commercial HVAC system in Portland. We are licensed, insured, and have the knowledge and experience to get the job done. For more information on repairs and service for commercial air conditioning, contact us today!