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Residential Consumer Awareness Tips

The Top 4 HVAC Consumer Awareness Concerns

Concerning Companies Without A Track Record:

Every company has a beginning point, every business had to start out at some point in time. Statistically, heating and air conditioning companies tend to fail frequently. The hard facts are that one company in five goes out of business every year. One of the best indicators that a company will survive long enough to honor its warranty obligations is that it has survived in the past.

AAA Heating and Cooling has been honoring our installations, product warranties and service calls since 1961, over 53 years!

Concerning The Lowest Price:

Our first instinct concerning any purchase is that we want to spend the least amount possible. We have all heard the old saying: “You Get What You Pay For!”. That statement rings with absolute clarity concerning Cheap HVAC Contractors, cheap contractors always cut corners, which unfortunately will cost you more in the long run. Cheap contractors are unwilling or cannot afford to fix their mistakes. Cheap contractors build and abandon, leaving you to deal with the problem.

AAA Heating and Cooling is not the cheapest or the most expensive, but our 30,000+ satisfied customers are our best sales persons and they will tell you from personal experience why you should use AAA Heating and Cooling.

Concerning The Yellow Pages:

20 years ago, selecting a contractor from the YellowPages was one of the few sources to help a consumer locate HVAC service providers. Today we are armed with an arsenal of fact finding resources. We can Google it, Yahoo it, Better Business it, all from the comfort of our home computer.

Concerning anything that sounds too good to be true:

We all have learned this one, when ANYTHING sounds too good to be true, it truly is too good to be true.