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Can Your Commercial HVAC System Stand Up to Changing Portland Winters?

From record-breaking heat waves to springtime snow, it’s no secret that Portland has seen some extreme weather in the past year. With winter on the horizon, commercial property owners wonder what’s in store this winter and if their heating capabilities are enough to combat the chill without skyrocketing energy costs. If you want to know if your HVAC system can handle a cold front, read on for all the details.

What’s the Prediction for Portland, Oregon Winter Weather?

City skyline of Portland, Oregon.

Our recent weather has been out of the ordinary—
snowfall in April and over 100 degrees in July. These unexpected weather events have many asking about Portland’s climate change effects and if our winter will be unseasonably cold.

Currently, there is some debate as to whether this winter is going to be unusual, again. There is evidence that suggests climate change could increase the chances of winter storms. However, it’s likely too early to tell if Portland’s weird weather has any bearing on our upcoming winter season. While our chilly season is hard to predict, it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your commercial HVAC. Don’t get left out in the cold this year. Take the time to evaluate your current heating situation and ensure your system is ready to weather any storm.

Preparing Your Commercial HVAC System for Winter

No matter what the future holds, having a reliable commercial HVAC unit is essential to keep your property well heated, your energy costs low, and your heating system running smoothly.

Is Your Heating System Right for Your Space? 

Every commercial building is unique. Therefore you want to ensure your heating and cooling are tailored for your property. You want a high-quality system for your space to combat the cold successfully. If your HVAC unit is too small, it will struggle to heat your building efficiently. If it is too large, it’s likely to short-cycle, which can cause added wear and tear and still not properly maintain your indoor temperature. You’ll want to schedule an evaluation with your Portland HVAC contractor to assess the situation.

How Old is Your Heating Unit?

AC and heating systems are complex machines designed to last. However, they will eventually start to decline and work less effectively over time. Furnaces and heat pumps have a typical life expectancy of 15-20 years, depending on how well they have been maintained. If your unit is getting older, it might be less effective to maintain your ideal indoor temperature. Even if it works adequately, its age might affect its energy cost. Newer units are more likely to run more efficiently, reducing high utility costs.

What is the Energy Star Rating?

Portland commercial buildings over 20,000 square feet should track & report their overall energy output.Speaking of energy efficiency, modern HVAC units have an overall rating—Energy Star— that lets commercial property owners know the efficiency ratio. Efficient units are necessary for managing operating costs and helping reduce greenhouse gasses. Plus, the City of Portland asks commercial buildings over 20,000 square feet to track their overall energy output via the Energy Star Portfolio Manager. The data collected must then be reported to the city yearly. So, if you don’t have an Energy Star model, you might want to consider one before the year’s end. 

Are You Up to Date on Maintenance?

Routine maintenance is a crucial factor in preparing your HVAC unit for colder months. Performing preventative maintenance ensures your system is at less risk of unexpected problems and runs most efficiently.

Get Ready for Winter with AAA Heating and Cooling

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