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Winter HVAC Maintenance Tips for Beaverton Homes

It’s hard to believe that winter is fast approaching! Before the temperature starts to drop, now is the time to winterize your residential heating and air conditioning unit. Not sure where to start? Our Beaverton HVAC contractors have compiled practical maintenance tips to ensure your home stays cozy all winter long.

5 Winter Maintenance Tips from Our Beaverton HVAC Installers 

Cold weather can cause extra stress to your residential heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. That’s why it’s crucial to protect your unit from the elements. Check out these helpful practices to make sure your HVAC system is ready to handle the coming months.

1) Replace Your Air Filter 

Dirty and clogged air filters can cause your furnace to run harder than it should. Not only can this impede air circulation, but an overworked residential system might drive up energy costs. Our Beaverton heating and cooling contractors recommend replacing your air filter at the start of the cold season to promote healthy indoor air quality and prepare for the winter months. 

Plan to replace or clean your filters every three months to ensure top air-filtration performance. There are various air filters out there, so make sure to choose the best type for your home. When in doubt, consult your installers for advice.

2) Clean Your Air Vents

HVAC systems rely on unobstructed air vents to effectively distribute warm air throughout your home during the winter.  Air vents can collect dirt and debris, which can disrupt airflow. When you replace your air filter, it’s good to vacuum your air vents and remove any blockages. If you notice significant buildup on or around your vents, it could be time to schedule a professional air duct cleaning

Your contractor will inspect your ducts for any damage and remove excess dirt and debris lurking in the system. Due to the ducts’ complex nature, it’s recommended to contract experts to ensure they are cleaned and repaired correctly.

3) Cover Your Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit

As soon as the temperature starts to dip, cover your outdoor AC unit. Covering your AC unit will prevent significant damage from the elements. In the fall, leaves can get caught in condenser coils, potentially causing problems in the summer when your AC needs to release heat. Frost and ice in the winter can damage the fan blades and coils located inside your air conditioning unit. 

If you haven’t been in the habit of protecting your outdoor residential heating and air conditioning unit, consider having an expert technician check it out before covering it up. A quick inspection can catch any issues before they become problems later on.  

4) Upgrade Your Thermostat 

If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat in your home, invest in one before winter.  Programmable thermostats allow you to set and maintain your ideal temperature on a schedule that meets your needs. By auto-regulating to a lower temperature when you are away from home, and then raising it when you return, you will save on energy costs over time. 

5) Schedule an Inspection with Your Beaverton HVAC Contractors

schedule-home-hvac-inspectionEnsure your system is ready for the winter months ahead and have your unit looked over by professionals. Your local HVAC installers will perform a complete diagnostic exam and look for signs of wear and tear. 

Take this time to develop a yearly maintenance services schedule so that you will always be ready for any season. If you are thinking about upgrading to a new unit for your Beaverton home, talk with your contractor about energy-efficient options

24/7 Portland & Beaverton Emergency HVAC Repair Services

Emergencies can still happen, even with diligent maintenance. If you find yourself having uneven heating issues during the winter or encounter other problems, contact our Beaverton HVAC service technicians right away. AAA Heating and Cooling offers 24-hour emergency assistance so you can get the problem solved quickly and safely. Remember, if you have a gas furnace and smell gas, act fast. Evacuate the area and call 9-1-1.

Winter Residential HVAC Services in Beaverton

If you are looking to prepare your residential HVAC system for the approaching winter, our expert contractors can help! We work with your unique heating needs to develop a comprehensive maintenance plan and perform necessary repairs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.