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Choose a High-Efficiency Gas Furnace for Your Home Heating Needs

In today’s increasingly energy-conscious society, more and more people are considering the energy efficiency of every product they purchase. Whether it’s your car’s gas mileage or the energy output of your refrigerator, it’s not uncommon to always have efficiency at the back of your mind. As a homeowner in the Portland metropolitan area, you may be wondering about installing a high-efficiency gas furnace.

So, what does furnace efficiency mean? Residential furnaces use energy to generate heat in a home. When it comes to residential HVAC systems, furnace efficiency refers to a unit that can produce sufficient heat while using minimal energy. A high-efficiency gas furnace will efficiently burn fuel and require a reduced amount of electricity to circulate heat to the ducts throughout your home.

Why You Should Consider a High-Efficiency Furnace

A major reason for investing in a high-efficiency furnace is to save money on utility costs and taxes. An inefficient HVAC system will require more energy to heat and cool your home, which leads to high gas and electric bills. The other main reason many are switching to high-efficiency gas furnaces is to reduce their carbon footprint. An efficient heating and cooling unit is an eco-friendly HVAC solution because of its reduced energy consumption and overall impact on the environment. Energy-efficient gas furnaces use less fuel, which means you’ll use less natural resources. As a result, fewer greenhouse gases will be emitted into the atmosphere.


The Best Furnace & Air Conditioner Brands for Portland Homeowners

When it comes to residential energy, heating units use more fuel than any other system in your home. Luckily, modern gas furnaces are designed to be more efficient than ever before. Due to the highly efficient designs of modern natural gas furnaces, AAA Heating and Cooling confidently recommends this type of heating unit to our residential customers.

At AAA Heating and Cooling, we take pride in offering the best furnace and air conditioner brands to Portland homeowners. We install high-efficiency residential gas furnaces from Daikin in various models as well as several types of residential air conditioning systems. You can choose from variable-speed units as well as single- or two-stage furnaces. In addition, our efficient natural gas heating systems have stainless-steel secondary heat exchangers, self-calibrating modulating gas valves, and self-diagnosing control boards.

On modern gas furnaces, you’ll find stickers indicating the unit’s AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) number. A high-efficiency natural gas furnace will have an AFUE number ranging from 85 to 100 percent. An Energy Star sticker also indicates an AFEU above 90 percent. An AFEU below this range indicates a furnace that operates at medium efficiency. Medium-efficiency units are less expensive up front, but they do not offer the same long-term utility savings as high-efficiency furnaces. The high-efficiency residential furnaces from AAA Heating and Cooling come with an AFEU of up to 97 percent.

Is a High-Efficiency Gas Furnace Worth the Investment?

Although high-efficiency gas furnaces tend to cost more than conventional residential furnaces, they offer long-term utility savings as well as a number of other benefits. The high price tag of efficient furnaces is due to the fact that fewer units are produced overall. In addition, they are designed using the latest HVAC technologies and innovations. While this type of residential HVAC unit requires an initial investment, homeowners will save money over the years by choosing a high-efficiency gas furnace.

The Best Residential HVAC Contractors in Portland

As expert residential HVAC contractors in Portland, AAA Heating and Cooling recommends investing in a high-efficiency natural gas furnace. Keep in mind that even high-efficiency furnaces will need to be regularly serviced to guarantee reliable heating and low energy consumption. Additionally, your vents and ductwork should be checked and cleaned at least once every year. A gas furnace that is not properly maintained will not effectively heat your home and may impact the amount of money you save on energy bills.

At AAA, we offer premier Portland HVAC services to both commercial and residential customers. To learn more about the benefits of high-efficiency gas furnaces, get in touch with the experienced and knowledgeable HVAC team at AAA Heating and Cooling.