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What is a Packaged Commercial Gas/Electric Rooftop Unit?

Are you looking for commercial HVAC solutions for your Portland business or property that save on interior space? A packaged gas/electric rooftop system offers significant heating and cooling benefits and takes up less space than other types of units. Curious to learn how these powerful systems might work for your business? Our commercial Portland HVAC installers explain all you need to know below.

What Makes Packaged Gas/Electric Rooftop Units Unique? 

Rooftop HVAC units are typically housed on the roofs of commercial properties and are designed to provide heating and cooling to designated portions of the building. They come fully packaged together, making them all-in-one “packages,” ready for install. Rooftop units are robust machines that are weatherproof and engineered to withstand the elements, debris, and even pests. Because they are stationed on rooftops, these systems offer a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Less noise pollution inside your building
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Flexibility when expanding or redesigning your commercial property
  • Less chance of vandalism or theft

What To Know About Packaged Gas/Electric Rooftop Systems

Benefits of a rooftop HVAC unit

Sometimes referred to as “gas packs,” gas/electric units are among the most widely installed heating and cooling package systems. Composed of a gas furnace, an electric air conditioner, and an evaporator coil in one housing unit, these machines contain everything your commercial property needs for optimal climate control. They come fully assembled in a single cabinet and can be easily attached to existing ductwork.

Benefits: Due to the impressive power of the gas furnace, you’ll get excellent heating capabilities, making this option ideal for cold temperatures. Plus, you’ll see high efficiency and adequate cooling with the added electric air conditioner and evaporator coil. If you are looking for a gas furnace’s performance, but don’t have extra space inside, a packaged gas/electric HVAC system might be the answer.

To boost energy-efficiency, some HVAC contractors in the Portland metro area recommend a duel-fuel system:

Dual-Fuel Systems

Dual-fuel, or hybrid, packaged systems combine the heating ability of a gas furnace with the versatility of a heat pump. This hybrid unit efficiently heats and cools your interior space. However, unlike the standard gas/electric version, it relies on two different energy types to maintain your preferred temperature. 

Most of the temperature regulation comes from the heat pump, but when temperatures drop below freezing or other designated temperature, the gas furnace takes over to produce more heat energy. Since the gas furnace only activates at certain temperatures, you’ll typically end up using less gas energy during the colder months, which could save your business overall utility costs. 

Other Packaged Options to Consider for Your Commercial Property in Portland

It’s always important to know all of your heating and cooling options before making any final decisions. In some cases, one of the systems below could be better for your business in Portland:

Packaged Air Conditioners

As the name implies, these units are almost exclusively responsible for your commercial cooling needs. The system contains an air conditioner and air handler. If you want the option of adding a heating element, your Portland HVAC contractor can install heat strips. Since these systems are designed for optimal cooling, companies in warmer areas will see the most benefit. You can also find air conditioner systems with high SEER ratings, reducing energy costs. 

Packaged Heat Pumps

Heat pump packages are made up of a heat pump and air handler, allowing both air conditioning and heating options. These systems are highly energy-efficient while still being powerful enough to heat and cool your property. While these types of units aren’t recommended for frigid climates, they can be an excellent solution for your Portland area business. 

Overall, packaged HVAC systems could benefit your Portland business. They are easy to maintain, and their efficiency saves on energy costs over time. Keep in mind some studies have shown that 25% of rooftop systems are improperly sized and installed, causing diminished energy efficiency and unnecessary wear and tear. So, to reap the maximum benefits of these units, always consult with your heating and cooling service specialists.

Portland HVAC Services for Packaged Commercial Gas/Electric Rooftop Units

If you are interested in installing a new rooftop unit, let our Portland and Beaverton HVAC contractors help. At AAA Heating and Cooling, we can recommend the right air conditioning and heating solutions for you. Our NATE-certified technicians can ensure professional installation and work up a comprehensive maintenance plan. Contact us today!