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The Best Time To Buy an Air Conditioner

Are you looking to take charge of your current air conditioning system by investing in a new unit? Whether you are installing brand new systems in your upcoming commercial property or hoping to secure more energy-efficient models, planning ahead can help you find the best deals. If you are wondering if there is an ideal time to score a new AC unit, our HVAC technicians share top tips below.

What’s the Ideal Time of Year to Purchase an AC Unit?


Don’t wait until our summer heat is in full effect to upgrade your residential and commercial AC systems. We recommend purchasing new units during the cooler months. Not only will you save on equipment costs, but you’ll have a better chance of scheduling a professional HVAC installation. Here’s why fall, winter, and spring are ideal times to purchase an air conditioner:

  • Fall: Once the temperatures start to drop, customers turn their attention to commercial and home heating. That means heating and cooling companies are looking to make room for furnace inventory by reducing their AC stock. Consumers can often find great discounts during the fall for cooling equipment. Plus, HVAC installers tend to be less busy, making installation scheduling a breeze.
  • Winter: Winter is a great time to secure awesome deals on exceptional air conditioning systems. At the end of the year, manufacturers want to transition from the previous year’s models to make space for newer ones, which translates to enormous savings for property owners. However, be aware that scheduling an appointment could take a little longer if your HVAC professional is booked with heating installations. 
  • Spring: Our Portland and Beaverton weather is still cool during spring, which means you can score a great AC unit at off-season prices, ahead of the approaching heat. Plus, you’ll have your pick of newly stocked air conditioning units and can book a professional install without too much wait time.

Selecting the Best Air Conditioner for Your NeedsGraphic

Deciding on the best air conditioning unit for your home or business is equally as important as knowing when to purchase your new cooling system. Understanding what AC equipment is available can help you and your HVAC sales team choose the right design for your needs. 

Central Air Conditioners: Whether you are purchasing a unit for your residential or commercial building, central air relies on a series of ducts to distribute cool air throughout your space. This often requires attic or internal wall space to house the ducts properly.
Ductless Mini-Splits: As the name implies, ductless systems do not require ductwork to circulate conditioned air. Instead, a series of mini-units are installed throughout your home or building to provide cooling.
Window Units and Portable Coolers: Window and portable types of air conditioners work independently from your HVAC system. Both options are designed to cool individual rooms at a time. However, they are best suited to small spaces like homes or apartments. 

No matter what AC option you decide on, it’s essential to ensure it’s the correct size for your space. If its energy output is too small, it will struggle to cool your space, leading to increased utility costs. If it’s too large, it will expend excess energy, which means you’ll spend unnecessary money on utilities. To mitigate any problems, we recommend making an appointment with an expert technician to map out your space and to advise on an appropriately-sized unit

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