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Choosing the Right Furnace for Your Home or Business [Infographic]

Choosing the right furnace for your home or office can be a challenging task . It’s important to understand the basics like different furnace fuel types, different levels of efficiency, and different unit sizes. From there, factors like comfort, aesthetics, and environmental impact are all important to keep in mind when making a decision. Once you know the essentials to make an informed choice, a professional can guide you through the entire installation process. Read our infographic to help you choose the right furnace for your next home or office installation.


To view the full size infographic, click on the image, then the magnifying glass.

portland furnace installation

I’ve been in the heating and cooling business for almost 20 years now. When I’m with customers, I’m asked many times, “What furnace brand is better than the others”? What they’re really asking is which brand will give me the least amount of worries or problems.

I respond to that question with 2 different answers:

  1. I explain that at AAA Heating and Cooling we offer a “Lifetime Installation Guarantee”. So what does that mean to you the customer? If you research furnace problems on the internet, you’ll find that 90% of the problems occur within the first year. If you read further as to how this person corrected the problem, you’ll see that in most cases the furnace was installed incorrectly. Incorrect installations lead to problems with the furnace operation. AAA Heating and Cooling guarantees that the installation will be not only installed correctly, but if there’s a problem down the road and its related to the installation, we will correct the problem free of charge.
  2. Regardless of the brand of furnace being installed, if you have problems do not call the manufacturer, call AAA Heating and Cooling. We are the company that is going to back up any warranty issues, address issues with the manufacturer if needed, take care of your concerns and fix any problems that may arise. If you call us after business hours, we have a live person you can talk to 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You, the customer, are a priority to AAA Heating and Cooling.

John Rodarte
Design Specialist