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6 Ways to Cool Down Your House Without Air Conditioning


We all look forward to summer in the Pacific Northwest, but rising temperatures outside can drastically affect our home’s indoor temps. When our residential heating and air conditioning units are functioning at their best, they can quickly cool down a home in no time flat. What happens when the AC is on the fritz or you only need to cool down a single room? If you want to learn how to cool down a room fast, our Beaverton HVAC contractors share tips and tricks below. 

How Can I Cool My House Down Without AC? 

If your indoor temperatures are too hot to handle, don’t fret. Here are six handy tips to help you beat the heat and keep your home cool when the air conditioning is struggling, in need of replacement, or too costly to operate.  

1. DIY Air Conditioning 

If you are looking for a cool breeze to help chill things down, instead of cranking up the AC, grab your fan and a bucket of ice. While it might sound strange, you can cool down a room fast with this easy hack. Simply fill a metal or glass bowl full of ice, place it in front of your fan, turn it on, and enjoy the cooling effects. 

2. Close Your Blinds 

Did you know that 30% of heat in your home comes from your windows? Just imagine how much cooler your space can be if you can reduce that unwanted extra heat! By simply shuttering your blinds you can block out the sun and heat that makes indoor temps unbearable. Pro Tip: install black out curtains for even more heat reduction. 

3. Change Ceiling Fan Direction  

Ceiling fans work  great to promote air flow and produce a cooling breeze, but your ceiling fan could be working against you. While it might seem counterintuitive, you should set your fan to rotate counter-clockwise in hot months. This will force the air to blow straight down, which creates that refreshing gust of chilled air.  

4. Open Your Windows When Temperatures Drop 

In the Pacific Northwest, temperatures tend to drop once the sun goes down. Opening your windows in the evening not only lets in fresh air, but it can do wonders to help cool down your home. Use portable fans to help create a cross-breeze and maximize the air flow. Don’t forget to shut your windows in the morning before you go about your day. 

5. Turn Off the Oven

Turning on the oven during the summer can quickly heat up your home. If you find yourself cooking the majority of your meals in the oven, you could be unnecessarily increasing your indoor temperatures. Grilling, crockpot meals, and microwaves are easy cooking solutions that won’t heat up your home.  

6.  Update Your AC for Energy Efficiency 

Is running your air conditioner creating costly utility bills? Instead of turning the AC off to save money, replace your unit with an energy efficient model. The investment into an energy efficiency cooling unit will reduce the amount of your utility bills and keep your home cool.  

Is Your Residential AC on the Fritz? 

Running the air conditioner without a noticeable indoor temperature drop is usually a warning sign. You can do a little investigating and troubleshooting on your own, but it’s best to call your local HVAC contractor for an inspection. Better yet, don’t wait for the summer months to test your AC unit. Start prepping in the spring, or before temperatures start to heat up.  

Residential HVAC Services for your Beaverton Home 

Is your AC unit not performing it’s best? You might need some maintenance or even a new air conditioner. AAA Heating and Cooling is Beaverton’s go-to HVAC company for sales, installation, and maintenance. Contact us today and let us take care of your HVAC service needs.