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Should You Clean or Replace Your Commercial HVAC Ducts?

Should You Clean or Replace Your Commercial HVAC Ducts?

If you own a property in Beaverton, you know that routine building maintenance is key to keeping your commercial space safe and secure. However, some business owners might not think about their duct system until problems arise. Neglected systems can cause costly repairs or even require complete replacements. 

The good news is, standard preventive care can mitigate issues and boost efficiency. Do you have questions about your commercial heating and cooling system? Wondering if you should clean or replace your air ducts? Our commercial HVAC installation experts in Beaverton answer all your questions below.

Is Duct Cleaning a Waste of Money?

One of the most common questions our technicians receive is if cleaning commercial ducts is genuinely worth the cost. Ducts are responsible for moving hot and cool air throughout your Beaverton property. If they become dirty, clogged, or damaged, airflow becomes restricted, and the chances of poor indoor air quality increase. 

The reality is, dust and other pollutants build up in the system over time, so regular maintenance is crucial to keep your entire HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently. If left untreated, not only does that buildup circulate throughout your building, it puts unnecessary stress on your entire system, leading to higher utility costs and potential breakdowns.

What Are Common Signs A Commercial Duct System Requires Cleaning?

A routine maintenance schedule is ideal for ensuring your ducts are free of debris and damage. However, if you are acquiring a new building or haven’t devoted time to regular tune-ups, how can you ascertain if your ductwork needs some professional attention? 

Luckily, dirty ductwork often has some apparent signs. The presence of rodents and insects can mean you have potential contaminants in your duct system. If airflow seems to be impeded, there is a build-up of dust on your registers, or any unpleasant smells emanate from your vents, the system is definitely in need of a commercial duct cleaning

Will You Notice a Change in Performance After HVAC Maintenance?

A professional cleaning done by a NATE-Certified technician means you’ll notice a significant difference in overall commercial HVAC performance and air quality. During a thorough inspection and cleaning, your heating and cooling specialist will address all the integral components of your duct system, including:

  • Ductwork
  • Supply registers
  • Heat exchanger
  • Blower motor
  • Evaporator coil, drain pan, and drain

Once these systems have been cleaned and any repairs made, those working in the commercial space will likely experience fewer allergy symptoms. Additionally, the possibility of sick-building syndrome is reduced exponentially. You will also see an improvement in overall efficiency and the potential for lower utility costs over time. 

When is it Time for a Replacement?With proper care, duct systems can perform for as long as 10-15 years.

With proper care, duct systems can perform for as long as 10-15 years without a complete replacement. Instances, where you might need to install new ductwork for your commercial HVAC unit are:

  • If your ducts are older than 15 years
  • If you notice a drastic increase in your energy costs 
  • If your indoor air quality is consistently poor

Are you unsure if your property needs a duct replacement? Our heating and cooling team can help you assess your current unit and offer advice on the next steps. 

Commercial HVAC Services for Your Beaverton Business

Our heating and cooling company has 50+ years of experience working with commercial properties in the Beaverton and Portland areas. Whether you are looking for an expert ductwork checkup or need help repairing or replacing your system, our team of professionals is here to help! Contact us today for all your service and repair needs.