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Is there any way to stay comfortable and cut my utility bills?

The Amazing Evergreen Motor Technology

All of us have said at one time or another “Is there any way to stay comfortable and cut my utility bills?”

Yes there is with this amazing new technology. Our engineers call it an “Electronic Commutated Motor”. You can just call it “Evergreen.” By installing this replacement motor in your home heating and cooling system, you’ll enjoy greater comfort, cleaner air and use up to 74% fewer Watts.

If you have an older furnace with a standard blower motor or even if you have a newer furnace with a standard direct drive there is a way to upgrade the overall efficiency of your furnace without spending a fortune.

Be more comfortable, lower your utility bills and save the planet

Traditional HVAC systems installed on most homes use only a single stage mode – users can either switch on the system or switch off. The system can only blast air into the home or remain inactive.

But more sophisticated ‘two stage’ systems can run continuously at a low setting and then switch to a higher setting when the thermostat dictates. Running continuously at a low setting also keeps the home’s air circulating and, thus, the temperature more even.
Evergreen Technology benefits you in the following ways: it uses less energy; ramps up gently, eliminating uncomfortable temperature swings, operates quietly, without noisy on/off cycles, improves air flow, maximizing filtration systems and benefiting allergy sufferers, and balances temperatures and minimizes hot and cold spots that drive you crazy.

We can integrate the Evergreen motor which uses proven electronically commutated motor technology into your system to save energy every time their HVAC system is operating. You can expect to save more than 25 percent on annual motor operating costs and can use up to 74 percent fewer Watts with Evergreen when they run fans between heating and cooling cycles.

Want to learn even more about having this amazing new technology?

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