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HVAC System Design Ideas for Modern Commercial Spaces

restaurant-large-hcav-systemCommercial space design has changed over the years. Modern offices favor open floor plans over the traditional cubicles and corner offices model. This shift to more communal work environments encourages new layouts like team lounge areas and private workstations. These modern designs could also require new layouts to your commercial HVAC system

Planning an office redesign? What to learn more about how HVAC system design plays a role in keeping your occupants comfortable? Read on for more details from our Portland commercial HVAC company. 

4 HVAC System Design Ideas for Portland Businesses

If you are looking to upgrade your office design, chances are you’ll need to rethink your HVAC system. Major changes to the layout and design of your office could mean changes for your HVAC system design, too. The cost of a new heating and cooling can be a serious investment, but with a few tips from our Portland HVAC contractors your remodel doesn’t have to hurt your bottom-line. 

1. Design with an Eye Toward Energy Efficiency 

When drawing up the plans for your modern office re-do, make sure you think about ways to reduce energy load on your HVAC unit. External and internal factors like sunlight exposure, office appliances and machinery, number of occupants in a space, and air leaks all contribute to your commercial space’s indoor temperature. 

Design your space to take advantage of natural sunlight and air flow. Placing a communal office area in front of windows that receive a lot of warming sunlight in the winter might save on heating costs. With the simple addition of tinted, low E-glass you can help block heat that comes from the summer sun exposure and save your HVAC system from working overtime to keep the area cool. 

2. Choose the Proper HVAC Size and Design for Your Modern Office 

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to HVAC systems. While large HVAC systems might work wonders for an expansive commercial property, that might not be the case for some modern offices. While it may seem as if large heating and cooling units can regulate indoor temperature more quickly, an oversized unit can hinder proper temperatures, encourage humidity, and cost more in energy bills. 

For example, an HVAC system that is too large for the space will blast your commercial space with cool air all at once, instead of bringing the temperature down more effectively. With this burst of cold air, the unit shuts off, the temperature creeps right back up, and the unit goes into action again. This constant on-and-off is known as short cycling. Short cycling means that your commercial air conditioning unit never completes a proper cooling cycle. 

To ensure you have the proper HVAC design and size for your modern office, seek out professional HVAC services. An HVAC contractor will look at everything from square footage, layout, sun exposure, and even building materials to determine the right HVAC design for your layout.  

3. Create Zones with Their Own Heating and Cooling Specifications 

commercial-hvac-zone-layoutEach space in your commercial office has its own heating and cooling needs depending on how much natural heat it generates. Some areas might require more consistent heating and cooling, while other areas are more variable. Think of these areas as zones when developing your HVAC design. 

Your HVAC design should be able to heat and cool different areas of your space independently. For example, perimeter spaces and interior spaces should be considered different zones and controlled separately. Your office computer room might have different humidity control and cooling needs than your open-air conference space that receives plenty of natural light. Designing a HVAC zone layout will ensure energy efficiency, while maximizing comfort. 

4. Prioritize  Indoor Air Quality

When planning your HVAC system, don’t just think about indoor temperatures. Design your system to promote healthy indoor air quality. Environmental elements like mold, bacteria, dust, and viruses will negatively affect the health of the building’s occupants. Air filters, ducts, and filtration systems all contribute to the quality levels of your indoor air. 

To help ensure the well-being of your occupants, your HVAC system design should incorporate adequate ventilation and high-quality filtration. Work with your HVAC contractor to make sure your commercial heating and air conditioning is built with air quality in mind. 

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