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How to Choose the Right Commercial HVAC System Quote


Comparing HVAC quotes is the first step to choosing the right contractor for your commercial heating and cooling project. Whether you are planning on an existing system replacement or searching for a completely new system, it’s important to gather multiple quotes before deciding on a Portland HVAC contractor. Here’s what you should look for when evaluating different bids. 

What Should You Look for in a Commercial HVAC Estimate? 

If your Portland business needs a new commercial HVAC system, don’t be afraid to do a little research on your own. Knowing a few key details about HVAC systems will help you ask the right questions and make informed decisions. These four tips will help you choose the best quote from your local HVAC contractor.

1. What System is Best for My Commercial Property? 

Commercial HVAC systems aren’t a one-size-fits-all piece of equipment. Each commercial property has its own layout, size, and heating and cooling needs. If you are looking for a completely new install for your Portland business, you will find a variety of HVAC options, each with their own set of pros and cons.

Two options you might find on your quote are:  

  • Split Systems: These are the most common types of HVAC systems. The system is “split” between two primary units, one for heating and one for cooling. Typically, in split systems you will find the cooling unit outside and the heating unit inside.  
  • Ductless (or mini-split) Systems:  In a ductless system, single units are installed in any room needing heating and cooling. These systems are often found in hotels or large office spaces. Installation costs can be higher than some other systems depending on your commercial building, but ductless systems might save on energy costs overall. 
Split system vs ductless system

2.  Does Your Quote Provide Product Specifics and Energy Ratings? 

From gas versus electric, to ductwork versus ductless, it is important to make sure the HVAC system is right for your space, heating and cooling needs, and budget. To determine what unit benefits your business, work with a contractor that can promise a thorough evaluation of your building and make the best recommendations for you.  

Energy efficient HVAC systems help keep utility costs in check, which can help businesses shave off some unnecessary expenses. When comparing quotes, check to see if the bid includes HVAC units with higher SEER, EER, and HSPF ratings. Higher ratings mean higher energy efficiency. 

While some systems with higher ratings might have a larger price tag upfront, they can make up for the initial cost with lower utility bills. In addition to the energy ratings, make sure your quote includes model numbers and brand names. Having all the information allows you to research specifics and make an informed decision about what is best for your commercial property. 

3.  What Role Will Your Local HVAC Contractor and Installer Play? 

Skill level, installation costs, warranties, and maintenance schedules can vary between contractors. When choosing between multiple HVAC quotes, look for evidence of professional service, equipment knowledge, and licensed, bonded technicians. Talk with your local HVAC contractor to determine if they promise the following: 

Don’t forget to ask for references and look at their Better Business Bureau rating. A well-established, reputable HVAC company will be happy to supply you with reviews.  

4. What is the Total HVAC System Cost? 

Installing a new HVAC system is a serious investment and costs vary widely. While it is always important to look at the bottom line, choosing the lowest priced option might not be the best for your business down the road. 

As you consider the cost of each quote, don’t forget to take other factors into account, like future costs, potential long-term savings, and air quality. Here are some questions to keep in mind as your crunch the numbers: 

  • What effect will this HVAC system have on my overall utility costs? Will its energy efficiency rating lower or raise my businesses utility bills? 
  • Does the HVAC unit have multiple parts and add-ons that might require frequent maintenance?  
  • What are the control system options? Is the system compatible with programmable or Smart thermostats? 
  • How can this system help support healthy indoor air quality? Is the air filtration sufficient for controlling airborne allergens and other potential health risks?  

Commercial HVAC Contracting Services for Your Portland Business  

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