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How Many Years Will My Commercial HVAC Last?

As a responsible Beaverton business owner, you want to ensure that all of your investments are sound, including your HVAC system. Whether you’ve just acquired a new professional space or are an established business owner, you might be wondering how long your heating and cooling system will last before needing a replacement. Thankfully our commercial HVAC contractors in Beaverton have all you need to know below. 

Commercial HVAC Unit Life ExpectancyWhat is the Life Expectancy of a Commercial HVAC Unit?

Our Beaverton HVAC company is often asked about the average lifespan of commercial heating and cooling equipment. The truth of the matter is, all machines will eventually degrade in performance over time. This includes air conditioners, furnaces, and other components that make up a commercial HVAC unit. Each has its unique levels of longevity:

Overall, entire HVAC systems can last between 10 and 15 years. However, their lifespan depends on a series of factors that can enhance or degrade performance and endurance.  

What Key Factors Determine Commercial HVAC System Lifespan?

Commercial heating and cooling components are all complex machines that rely on many moving parts. This ultimately means that many factors can influence how long your unit lasts and how well it performs. Luckily, every piece of your equipment can be optimized to promote a longer-lasting, higher-performing system. Here are just a few factors to keep in mind:

  • Quality Components: Less reputable parts could tend to experience more wear and tear, and age more quickly as a result. That’s why our installation team only relies on professional, trusted products from the best companies, like Daikin
  • Installation: The level of professional installation dramatically affects the lifespan of your commercial heating and air conditioning system. Improper installation can result in more significant stress on your system, taking years off your unit’s life. However, professional care by NATE-Certified technicians means your HVAC components will be installed correctly and appropriately sized. 
  • Unit Size: If your HVAC unit is not the correct size for your space and required energy output, your system can wear down more quickly. Always work with a commercial design specialist, like ours, to guarantee accurate sizing.  
  • Design: Property owners might not be familiar with how crucial HVAC design is to their equipment’s overall function and well-being. Where your HVAC system is housed, if you have split systems vs. ducted systems, etc., all factor into your energy and stress load. If you plan to install a new system or look for a complete upgrade, you’ll want to ensure that an accomplished contractor is part of the plan.

What Role Does Commercial HVAC Maintenance Have on Lifespan?

Routine maintenance is the number one way to assure your Beaverton business gets the most out of its HVAC system. Regular maintenance prevents minor issues from turning into catastrophic ones. As you’ve seen above, every component has its own lifespan and unique needs. If one part isn’t performing at its best, it can affect all aspects of your climate control. To maximize your unit’s lifespan, hire a professional, with years of working in the commercial heating and cooling sector.

Why Choose Our Commercial HVAC Services in Beaverton?

AAA Heating and Cooling has over half a century of working with our Beaverton business community. We understand the importance of keeping your HVAC unit running efficiently, keeping energy costs down, and maintaining your valuable air conditioning and heating equipment. Need advice on your commercial unit or want to schedule a routine check-up? Contact one of our professionals today for all your service and repair needs.