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Heat Pumps: The Right Choice for Portlanders [Infographic]

Heat pump installation is on the rise due to the money and energy savings a heat pump provides. A heat pump is nearly four times more efficient than an oil furnace and can save a household anywhere from 20% – 70% in monthly utility costs. Possibly the best part of installing a heat pump is having an all-in-one heating and cooling system. In the winter, the heat pumps pushes warm air into the home while pulling it out in the summer. Portlanders are particularly good candidates for heat pump ownership, as the temperate climate and low variance in average temperature allow for maximum energy and cost savings. Here at AAA Heating & Cooling, our team believes that heat pumps are the right choice for Portland homeowners. Call us for details about installing a heat pump in your home.

To view the full size infographic, click on the image, then the magnifying glass.

portland heat pump installation