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“Going Evergreen”… and $aving some green!

Going green at your house!  Sure, recycle and use CFL bulbs to save energy, but if you want to make a bigger commitment that will lower your carbon footprint and also save money. The obvious place to start is by lowering our energy bills.

There are still many places you can improve your carbon footprint. Are you aware of the statistics about home energy costs? It’s shocking that nearly 50% of a home’s energy consumption goes to heating and cooling!

The time is right to find out if the Evergreen motor will work for our home system. Evergreen is an energy-saving motor that can replace the motor in your home’s heating and cooling system, and it uses 30-50% less electricity than some motors. This motor alone could save us $125 in electricity costs each year.There will be up-front costs related to installing Evergreen, but if you intend to stay in this house for at least five year it will pay for itself pretty quickly.

Kind of makes me wonder how the pie chart for our house will look a year from now!Find out more about Evergreen motor by contacting AAA Heating and Cooling 503-501-5507- be sure to ask me, Michael about it during their next visit.

AAA Heating and Cooling has been installing The Evergreen IM high-efficiency ECM replacement motor for our customers to replace factory PSC blower motors in HVAC systems. That means AAA Heating and Cooling customers can now take advantage of the comfort and efficiency of ECM in an easy-to-install replacement motor.

Built from the same trusted, field-proven ECM technology that is found in millions of OEM systems nationwide, Evergreen uses up to 25% fewer watts in operating mode and up to 75% fewer Watts than a PSC motor in constant fan.

Evergreen IM can save the homeowner up to $300/year and will reduce your stock of PSC motors. You will not want to miss out on this opportunity, so contact Michael Thoen at AAA Heating and Cooling, 505-501-5507 or michaelt@aaaiaq.com and start seeing the saDesign/IAQ Specialist

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