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Enjoy a Worry-Free Spring with AC Maintenance

AAA Heating and Cooling’s licensed HVAC technicians can help you stay cool this summer, and save you money. A yearly maintenance check by a licensed HVAC expert can help significantly reduce your monthly energy bill, and help prevent future premature breakdowns. With routine care AC will cool more effectively and efficiently. Be prepared for the air conditioning season by scheduling a spring tune-up for your AC now so you can enjoy a carefree and cool summer.


Why should you get your air conditioning unit inspected?

  • Without regular service from a trained HVAC technician, a residential air conditioning unit will lose about five percent of its original efficiency each year.
  • Most of the lost efficiency can be recovered and prevented with regular maintenance.
  • Regular tune-ups allow an air conditioning system unit to maintain up to 95 percent of its original effectiveness for several years.
  • The cost of annual inspections and regular maintenance pays for itself by saving money on energy bills.
  • In addition to saving money on the short-term, yearly maintenance by an HVAC technician means not having to replace your AC — saving you thousands of dollars in the long-term.
  • Maintenance isn’t just a method to save money, it’s a big part of keeping your home comfortable. Inefficient systems will not regulate temperature, and fail to perform other important functions:
    • It won’t remove humidity from the air, which can make the air feel sticky and cause mold problems.
    • A dirty system recirculates dust and contaminants that can affect your health.
    • The unit may be running constantly or loudly — disrupting your peace and quiet.

Over time, extra strain wears down the unit and small problems may start to arise.  If problems aren’t addressed, then a unit could breakdown and leave you sweating in the heat. Regular maintenance prevents emergencies and keeps minor problems from escalating into costly repairs. Many issues can affect the performance of a unit:

  • Wires can corrode.
  • Belts and moving parts become worn.
  • Filters and coils become dirty and need cleaning or replacing.
  • Leaks can spring up at the most inconvenient times.
  • Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases.

Residential Air Conditioner Maintenance by AAA Heating & Cooling

AAA’s expert HVAC team, Planned Service Program, and 24-hour emergency repair services provide residential clients in Portland with peace of mind. As licensed HVAC professionals, we  can identify, resolve, and prevent problems, so you don’t have to worry. A professional checkup of your air conditioning unit includes:

  • Lubricating and assessing all motor operations.
  • Checking airflow and inspecting electrical connections.
  • Cleaning the condenser coil and drains, and checking filters.
  • Testing refrigerant levels and compressor amperage.
  • Evaluate overall unit performance and how to improve it.

Evaluating the health of a system can resolve and eliminate problems, and save money. Think ahead about your heating and cooling needs each season and plan to act accordingly. Now is a good time to let AAA Heating and Cooling get your home air conditioning system in ship-shape for the warm weather ahead.