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Duct Sealing

Do you have trouble heating your house evenly? Are certain rooms always too hot, or too cold? Did you just spend money on a furnace tune up, or replacing the whole unit, and still haven’t gotten the savings on your utility bills that you were expecting? Do you clean up and dust constantly, but find that dust continues to accumulate in your house, seemingly from nowhere?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, call AAA Heating and Cooling to schedule a comprehensive Duct Test and Inspection! Heating ducts hide from your view in your crawlspace and attic, delivering the air from the furnace into the house. Because they lie out of sight, problems with your duct system can sit undetected for years. You can have crushed ducts, leaky ducts, or simply disconnected ducts just out of sight, pouring that expensive, heated (or air conditioned) air right into your crawlspace, where it’s wasted.

Duct Sealing is the recommended procedure for bringing these leaky homes up to code. Duct Sealing a system saves money, increases air pressure to all the registers, especially those farthest from the furnace, and keeps attic and crawlspace air, and all that dust, from infiltrating the duct system. AAA Heating and Cooling employees are PTCS certified in Duct Sealing, which means we can apply for up to $610.00 in rebates and tax credits to help pay for the renovation.

AAA Heating and Cooling is staying ahead of the times here in Oregon. We bundle Duct Tests and Inspections with our own in-house PTCS certified technician with most of our new installations. But if you have any concerns, or just want to be energy and environmentally conscious, you can have your system looked at whenever you want with one quick phone call.

Still Curious? Here is a video put together by Washington State University to explain the problem with leaky ducts, and how to fix it : http://vimeo.com/8129040