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Commercial HVAC Design & Installation by AAA Heating & Cooling

coffee-shop-with-exposed-hvac-systecoffee-shop-with-exposed-hvac-systemAs a Beaverton business owner, you rely on your commercial building’s HVAC systems to maintain ideal indoor temperatures, promote healthy air quality, and keep energy costs in check. A commercial heating and air conditioning unit isn’t a one-size-fits-all piece of equipment. To ensure your HVAC unit is the right fit for you, it’s important to have a professional design and install the best equipment for your business. AAA Heating and Cooling’s commercial HVAC services promise professional design, installation, and maintenance for all your HVAC needs. 

3 Factors That Influence Commercial HVAC System Design 

Did you know that HVAC systems should be specially designed for each, unique commercial space? Without professional guidance, business owners run the risk of installing the wrong HVAC system for their property. This can cost owners more money in the long run. Below are a few design factors that our team looks out for.

1) Commercial HVAC System Size  

Beaverton businesses range from small mom-and-pop shops to large commercial developments. When scouting a location for your company it’s crucial to make sure the space you purchase or rent is right for your needs. 

For example, a small boutique shop doesn’t require the same square footage as a growing corporation. The same logic is true for your heating and cooling equipment. HVAC systems need to be properly sized for your unique space. Having the right sized piece of equipment will help prevent energy waste, paying too much for upfront costs, and save wear and tear. Here are two ways an improperly sized HVAC system can negatively affect your business’ bottom-line.  

  1. choose-the-right-commercial-hvac-system-sizeHVAC unit is too small. If your HVAC system is too small for your commercial space, it will work overtime to try and heat and cool your property. This means your HVAC unit runs for longer periods of time than it is designed for, driving up your utility costs. This added stress can also shorten the life of your commercial heating and cooling unit, causing you to replace the unit sooner than necessary. 
  2. HVAC unit is too large. Installing an HVAC system that is too large for your commercial space can also contribute to higher costs. Larger, more complicated systems could cost you more upfront. They can also be more expensive to run as they tend to consume more energy.  

AAA Heating and Cooling’s HVAC specialists  will determine the appropriate HVAC system and the correct size for your specific commercial space by factoring: 

  • The overall size of the building. 
  • Your desired indoor comfort levels. 
  • Any potential threat of mold or airborne allergens
  • The building’s layout and heat generation. 

Taking all these factors into consideration, our HVAC contractors will design your HVAC system with your specific property in mind. 

2) Heat Load Calculations 

In order to design the best HVAC system for your commercial property, our HVAC contractors will also perform a load calculation. This professional process involves evaluating your property’s specifics and establishing a HVAC design to meet your indoor comfort level needs. 

A heat load calculation examines where and how much heat is generated within your indoor space. For example: 

  • Heat generated by the number of building occupants. 
  • Heat transferred from the outside air through open doors and windows. 
  • Heat gained through sun exposure, especially through windows and walls.  
  • Heat generated by electrical appliances and industrial equipment.

3) HVAC System Type 

Size isn’t the only factor when it comes to designing your commercial HVAC system. The type of commercial HVAC unit is crucial to efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling. AAA Heating and Cooling will examine the building characteristics and heat load calculations to choose the best HVAC system for your business. From split-systems, mini-split-systems, and energy saving options, our HVAC technicians will ensure your HVAC benefits your business.  

Professional HVAC Services and Installation 

Once your HVAC system design is complete, our NATE certified, HVAC installation specialists will make sure everything is professionally installed and performing at its best. AAA Heating and Cooling doesn’t stop at installation. We are also dedicated to promoting the longevity of your specialty HVAC unit. We offer high-quality scheduled maintenance, 24-hour emergency service, duct cleaning, and more. 

Expert Commercial HVAC Contractors in Beaverton

At AAA Heating and Cooling, we provide your business with professional HVAC design and installation. With over 50 years under our belt and expertise in commercial heating cooling, it’s no wonder we are considered Beaverton’s HVAC experts. Schedule an appointment with one of our professional HVAC contractors today.