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Carbon Monoxide Injures Nine Women

Recently nine women were rushed to the Providence Portland Medical center due to carbon monoxide poisoning after turning on a gas furnace. Dr. Chip Sanchez, an emergency room doctor at Providence Portland Medical Center, says carbon monoxide is known as the deadly killer because it is impossible for people to detect on their own. He says it is odorless, has no taste, and cannot be seen.

This life-threatening occurrence could have been prevented with a professional gas furnace tune-up and safety check from a licensed and respectable HVAC company, AAA Heating and Cooling.

AAA Heating and Cooling offers the very best in maintenance installation, safety check and repair services for all HVAC units. Having 50 years of experience in Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Gresham, Tualatin, and the greater metro area, we have what it takes to handle residential or commercial needs with the help of our highly skilled professionals. We offer top-quality services with our 17 point safety check that will protect you from the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning and make sure your system is running at top efficiency at a reasonable price. AAA heating and cooling skilled technicians will ensure that your gas furnace, heat pump and AC maintenance are always performing at optimum levels. A neglected oil or gas furnace HVAC system is potentially dangerous to your health and consumes up to 25% more power, which will result in higher energy bills. Let AAA heating and cooling help protect you from dangerous carbon monoxide emissions from your furnace, improve indoor air quality and ensure that you are optimizing your value from your HVAC system.

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