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Benefits of Financing a Furnace or A/C Unit

Do you have an older furnace or A/C that is not running very efficiently? Or even worse not running at all? A replacement furnace or A/C unit is the best, and usually quickest to fix that problem. In today’s economy most homeowners do not have the cash lying around to replace heating or cooling equipment at the drop of a hat. For this reason, AAA Heating & Cooling offers a fantastic financing program with GE Capital.

Financing Example: Replacing a Heating or Cooling Unit

A typical furnace purchase of $5000-$6000 can be financed to cost as little as $62.50 a month, with no money down. For most homeowners this unreachable purchase is suddenly a very do-able monthly payment.  You can also finance a portion of the purchase if need be. For example, if you wanted to add A/C you could finance solely the cost of the air conditioning system, and then pay cash or credit for the furnace.