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6 Reasons Your Home Heating Bill is Too High

Don’t let our recent, hot summer weather fool you; winter is right around the corner. So, now is an ideal time to start thinking about ways to lower your heating bill before the cold snap starts. Our HVAC contractors in Beaverton share top tips to help you save on heating costs and keep your home climate comfortable.

Experts Share How to Save Money on Your Heating Bill

Dropping the thermostat a few degrees can save you up to 10% in energy costs yearly.As a Beaverton homeowner, you want to ensure your budget stays on track. To help manage your heating costs more effectively, pay attention to these six factors that contribute to spending too much on home heating: 

1. Dirty and Clogged Air Filters

Dirty air filters can cause your home furnace or heat pump to work extra hard, leading to higher energy costs. Not only will clogged filters impede warm air distribution and increase utility bills, but the extra strain could damage your residential HVAC system. Make sure to check your air filters regularly and replace them routinely. Our team of heating and cooling specialists recommend installing new air filters every three months.

2. Blocked Air Vents and Registers

If you want to keep heating costs low and ensure your rooms are still staying warm, check your air vents and registers. If they are dusty or covered in debris, give them a quick clean. Also, make sure that you don’t have any furniture or rugs covering your vents. Doing so can hinder proper airflow and could even be dangerous

3. Damaged or Leaking Ducts

Ducts can lose a fair amount of heat, especially if there is any damage to them. If your Beaverton home relies on duct systems to deliver warm air throughout your home, you’ll want to have a professional come in and inspect for any problems and clean your duct system if needed. Cracks, gaps, and leaks can mean hot air is escaping before it gets to your rooms. This will lead to increased energy costs and additional wear and tear on your HVAC system. Work with a Beaverton heating contractor to insulate and seal your ducts before turning on the heat. 

4. Improper Thermostat Usage

Nobody wants to come home to a chilly house, so some people think it’s best to leave their heat on all day. However, cranking up the thermostat while you are away or asleep can lead to unnecessary heating costs. Simply dropping the thermostat down a few degrees when you aren’t at home can save you up to 10% in energy costs yearly. Installing a programmable or smart thermostat will help you automate your climate control even further. 

5. Outdated Furnace

If your furnace is older than 15 years, it could be to blame for increased utility costs. Eventually, heating and cooling systems will degrade over time, so older units might not be performing at their best. Even if your furnace is getting up there in age and still performing well, modern models are making considerable strides in energy-efficiency performance. Energy STAR certified models can increase savings up to 20%, meaning a home furnace replacement or upgrade could save you dollars down the road. 

6. Inconsistent HVAC Maintenance

One of the most crucial aspects of keeping your home heating system functioning at its most efficient is keeping up with routine maintenance. If you haven’t been taking care of your HVAC system, you could experience damaged components, clogged filters, and more. All of which affect your heating bills. Our professional technicians can set you up with a winter maintenance schedule so that you can keep your heating equipment performing at its peak for years to come. 

Residential Furnace Repair in Beaverton

If you need help determining your home heating costs and ways to mitigate excessive bills, AAA Heating and Cooling is here to help. Our sales and installation experts offer HVAC repair, replacement, and maintenance. Contact us today for all your home climate needs.