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6 Questions to Ask Your Commercial HVAC Installer

Commercial HVAC systems are vital components for supporting good air quality and comfortable indoor climates. That’s why it is crucial to know when to replace your current heating and cooling equipment and the right questions to ask your Beaverton commercial HVAC installer. Are you interested in learning facts about HVAC installation and if it’s time for a replacement? Get details about what to ask your contractor from our heating and cooling repair team.  

FAQs Beaverton Businesses Have About Commercial HVAC Installation 

For many Beaverton business owners, their air conditioning and heating units are as old as the building itself. Outdated HVAC models could be contributing to low indoor air quality and high energy costs. If you have a newer system but haven’t kept up with general maintenance, your unit could have damage. If you think it’s time to upgrade your heating and air conditioning equipment, here are some critical questions to ask your HVAC contractor. 

1. What Do I Need to Know About Installing a New HVAC System? 

The first question you should ask your contractor is to assess your commercial heating and cooling unit’s work amount. Your current system’s age, wear and tear, and energy rating will determine the extent of the replacement. If you are looking for a quote on replacing your commercial HVAC machinery, contact our Beaverton office and schedule a consultation.  

2. Will the New HVAC System Be Designed for My Commercial Building? 

Air conditioning and heating systems aren’t one-size-fits-all pieces of equipment. In fact there are multiple types of HVAC systems for commercial buildings. A multi-level business  requires a different HVAC system than a small, single-level retail space. If a unit is too small, it will struggle to effectively heat and cool the air, which will result in wear and tear. Extra stress on your heating and cooling appliances could cause you to need a replacement sooner than necessary. Our Beaverton HVAC installers ensure proper design and fit for all our commercial clients, so you can be sure the system we install is the correct size for your space.  

3. What Maintenances Plans Do You Offer? 

HVAC-maintenance-plansRoutine maintenance is key to protecting the health and longevity of your heating and air conditioning hardware. While some business owners might forego spending money on tune-ups, a regular maintenance plan could mitigate the risk of expensive breakdowns by as much as 95 percent. Your Beaverton HVAC installer should have a comprehensive service plan geared toward your system. Crucial components for a well-rounded check-up procedure are: 

  • Duct system inspection 
  • Air filter replacement 
  • Repairing any refrigerant leaks 
  • Weatherizing your heating and air conditioning units 

Looking for a professional, commercial HVAC contractor to help keep your new unit running smoothly? Contact our team of expert technicians and get started on an annual maintenance regimen.  

4. Will My New Commercial HVAC System Affect Utility Costs? 

Keeping with a strict budget is essential for business owners to conserve their bottom line. HVAC systems play a significant role in commercial utility costs. A well-kept, correctly sized unit can do wonders for reducing utility bills. Staying on top of your unit’s upkeep can help reduce energy costs between 5 and 40 percent! If you want to further maximize your savings, talk to your Beaverton heating and cooling installer about investing in an energy-efficient system. Upgrading from a lower to higher SEER rated air conditioning and heating model could save as much as 49 percent in electricity costs

5. What Impact Will A New HVAC Installation Have on the Environment? 

Modern business owners in Beaverton know how crucial sustainability is in the commercial world. Over 30 percent of the energy and cost necessary for powering the heating and cooling system goes to waste. When considering your HVAC replacement options, ask your contractor what steps they take to promote a more sustainable air conditioning and heating system. At AAA Heating and Cooling, we offer programmable thermostats, professional duct cleaning and sealing, and NATE-certified technicians to help reduce energy waste.   

6. Is My Commercial Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation Equipment Coming From a Local Supplier? 

Air conditioning and heating technologies require diligent maintenance and repair, performed by a professional familiar with your intricate equipment. Working with a local commercial contractor means they are personally acquainted with your equipment, your company’s unique needs, and can provide emergency service in a pinch.  

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