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6 Benefits of Split System Air Conditioning for Portland Homes

Portland homeowners are most familiar with traditional central-air systems. However, many of our clients ask our HVAC contractors what the advantages of a split air conditioning system are. To start, split systems offer exceptional cooling, do not require complicated ductwork, and can be installed quickly without costly construction. 

Here is a breakdown of 6 benefits and why you may want to think about switching your home cooling to a split system.

Split system air conditioning benefits.

1. Easy Installation

One of the main benefits of a residential split air conditioner is easy installation. Unlike other HVAC systems, split systems do not require any ductwork, so setup is a breeze. In some cases, it can take less than a day. Plus, your indoor unit can be as far as 100 feet away from your outdoor compressor. Even at that distance, the amount of construction required for installation is minimal. A single small hole is all that is needed for the control wiring and copper tubing.

2. Increased Cooling Flexibility

Many Portland residential HVAC clients enjoy split systems because they can be installed in any individual room throughout their homes. This allows for spaces to be cooled or heated based on their usage throughout the day. For example, family rooms and living rooms can receive cooling throughout the day, and bedrooms can be cooled in the evenings. This kind of air conditioning precision not only makes for perfectly controlled living spaces, but it can also help save on energy costs.

3. Added Energy Savings

Central air conditioners can lose a fair amount of energy converting hot air to cool air via ducts. However, split units don’t rely on ductwork which means there is less chance of energy loss. In addition, split air conditioners can be installed in individual rooms making these units great for hot rooms,  which are consistently warm, despite typical cooling efforts. This reduction of unnecessary energy output can save homeowners on their overall utility bills during the summer.

To maximize your utility savings, our Portland air conditioning installation company recommends units with high SEER ratings. We have plenty of options for any Portland homeowner, so contact us with questions about upgrades.

4. Ability to Offer Climate Control

Split air conditioners aren’t just for cooling. Many systems come with the option to heat your home as well. This flexibility provides you climate control 365-days a year allowing you to reap the benefits of energy savings all year around.

5. Easy to Maintain

Our AC repair technicians always stress the importance of HVAC maintenance to keep your system running efficiently and correctly. With split systems, maintenance is easy. The outdoor units are designed to provide easy access for repair and maintenance and the indoor components offer washable filters.

6.  Reduced Noise Pollution

We all love the cooling effects of home air conditioners; however, some units produce a lot of noise when running. One of the best attributes of split units is their ability to run quietly while still providing excellent cooling. The mechanisms responsible for the most noise, the fan and the condenser, are located in the outside unit, keeping your home quiet while you beat the heat.

Residential HVAC Services in Portland for Home Cooling Needs

Professional installation is vital for a complete split system AC upgrade. At AAA Heating and Cooling, our expert technicians will help you choose an air conditioning system that’s a suitable size for your home, provide energy efficiency options, and develop a maintenance plan. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.