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5 Common Causes of Uneven Heating in Homes

Winter is right around the corner, which means it’s time to think about your home heating needs. Does your Portland residence have certain rooms that never seem to reach your ideal temperature? Uneven heating can be a nuisance, but it could also be a sign your residential HVAC unit requires attention. Want to know when it’s time for heating and furnace repair services? Our HVAC sales and maintenance contractors in Portland discuss some causes of uneven heating and solutions below.

What Causes Uneven Heating in Your Portland Home? 

Are you looking for advice on how to fix uneven heating in your home? While various factors can cause uneven heating, there are five leading causes to keep in mind. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most common causes and how to solve them.

1) Dirty and Clogged Filters

Air filters do the vital job of trapping dust, debris, and pollutants before the contaminants can circulate through your home. If you aren’t inspecting or replacing your filters regularly, pollutants can accumulate, restricting airflow through your residence and lead to uneven heating problems. To prevent uneven heating, replace your air filters every three months. 

2) Faulty Heat Pump of Blower

Heat pumps pull heat from the air outside and distribute the warm air throughout your home. If your heat pump or blower is damaged, heat will not be able to circulate evenly.

If you notice inconsistent or non-existing heating, first check your heat pump for one of the following problems:

  • Considerable ice accumulation on the outdoor cabinet
  • Low refrigerant levels, which could be the result of leaks
  • The thermostat incorrectly set to cooling instead of heating

If none of the above seems to be causing your uneven heating, you could have more severe damage. Schedule a consultation with our Portland HVAC contractors and we can assess your situation. 

3) Improperly Sized Furnace

Your residential furnace might be functioning correctly in some uneven heating cases, but it is not the right size for your home’s needs. If you’ve had a frequent problem with inconsistent heating, the issue could be from an undersized furnace. Calculating the correct size of furnace for your home requires a professional assessment. Contact our local heating and furnace repair experts and we can determine if a new, larger furnace is necessary.

4) Blocked Registers

blocked-heat-registersSomething as simple as a blocked register can diminish heat flow throughout your home. While we may not realize it, registers are an integral part of your residential heating and air conditioning system. These grills can be open or closed to help direct or limit airflow into rooms. 

Often found mounted near windows or floors, registers can become blocked with anything from children’s toys, clothing, or debris tracked in from outside. Check all your registers to ensure they are free from blockage. Avoid covering them up with curtains, rugs, and furniture.

5) Defective Duct System

Damaged ducts can cause a wealth of heating problems. Without routine maintenance, ducts can begin to show signs of wear and tear. Cracks, tears, and holes cause warm air to escape before making its way to your rooms. Incorrectly installed ducts can also contribute to uneven heating. 

Because air ducts are tucked away in spaces throughout your home (like in the attic, underneath floorboards, and behind walls) you’ll need to work with your residential HVAC maintenance company to determine the cause of your duct problems. 

Routine Residential HVAC Maintenance 

To mitigate uneven heating problems, you should have your HVAC unit routinely inspected. A yearly inspection and maintenance plan can catch and repair any small issues before they become larger problems. Your HVAC contractor can also help determine if it’s time for a new HVAC system in your Portland home. 

Heating and Furnace Repair Services in Portland

If you’re dealing with uneven heating in your home, AAA Heating and Cooling is here to help. We offer professional residential HVAC installation and repair, 24-hour emergency assistance, and a comprehensive maintenance plan. Contact us today for all your heating and furnace repair needs.